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"Enes Kanter" (A man without Nationality)

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5 months ago

One of the best thing for an athlete or a player to be proud of is his/her nationality or where they we're born. Just like Manny Pacquiao who is a proud Pinoy, or even Jordan Clarkson that was born in the United States of America he is half Filipino like Jalen Green also a US born but he is still linked of being a Filipino. But how could it be if one athlete or a NBA player does not have any nationality? Or let's say that he was taken for granted or forfeited to have a rights of having a nationality from a country where he came from. The likes of you cannot go home to the country that you are born, even the name that you are using can bring danger to other people. That is why in this article I will share to you all about that and it is regarding about to Enes Kanter a center in the NBA today. I will share to you on how he started his career on playing basketball and how he lost his nationality as of now, so let's get started.

Enes Kanter was born in Switzerland from a Doctor and nurse parents which both originally from Turkey, he gave 3 siblings which one of his brother is also a basketball player in Turkey. According to. Enes he is a late bloomer on playing basketball, he was already at the age of 14 when he started to play the game that at that moment he already saw potential on his game. When he reached the aged of 16 years he directly played professional basketball in Istanbul, at the age of 17 he transferred to US for him to try his luck playing basketball there. He first go to Finlay Prep in Nevada, and then transfer to Mountain State Academy in West Virginia. He was not allowed to play basketball there because he still have a live contract in Nike where he get when he was playing Pro ball in Turkey.

He only managed to play basketball when he transferred to Stone Ridge Prep in California after his contract in Nike expired. On 2010 he joined the University of Kentucky but because he already played international ball in Turkey he is not eligible to play College basketball. There is one sponsor that gave him $33,000 that already reached the maximum allowed by the NCAA. He directed to join the NBA draft in 2011 then was selected as the 3rd overall pick by the Utah Jazz. He played for the Jazz for three and a half season before he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunders where his game got a big improvement. After that he was shifted to New York as a part of the deal of Carmelo Anthony to OKC.

On February 2019 he was waived by the Knicks and then got by Portland. And up to know he is a member of the Boston Celtics where he sign a contract of $10,000,000 for two years. This is the short story about the basketball career of Enes Kanter.

And this is the unusual story about him, on 2019 he was accused by the Turkish Government by being a terrorist. It is because about his post in social media regarding the corruption that are happening in his country. According also to him it was really started since 2013, that the President of Turkey was linked into corruption that made a huge troubles in their country. The trouble was regarding an issue to human rights, any kind of people that talked about that corruption issue was being sent to jail even media, teacher or even schools in their country that are involved are being closed. And that is where Enes Kanter enters where he voice out in social media regarding in the corruption issue together with human rights that became viral in the USA especially in Turkey.

The issue continues, and there is one point that he had a discussion with President Donald Trump regarding the human rights that happened in Turkey. Because Kanter was in USA the Turkish Government could not punished him, so what the Turkish Government attacked was his family. After that he was then tagged being an international terrorist. One of the reason it happened because he is a known supporter of Mr. Gulen that was known as a leader of a coup that did not work in Turkey on 2016. One time their house in Turkey was raid by police, to know and collect evidence if he get communication or interaction with his family from simple text message, chat, email or even miscalled only. If ever the police caught that his family get in touched with Enes Kanter his family will sent to jail. His father which is a doctor had a hard time on finding a job and also his sister that is a nurse because of their last name Kanter. While his brother which is also basketball player also had a hard time on playing for a basketball team because he is related to Enes that is tagged as a terrorist.

And what is worst is that the Turkish Government canceled his passport, and that is why now he don't have a nationality and he is not allowed to exit USA. When he was playing in Canada he had a talk with Canadian Prime Minister that he is allowed to go to Canada but only regarding about basketball because the Canadian government knows what really happens to him and that he is not really a threat to their country. He also did not able to join the game of Knicks versus Wizards in London, because he is afraid to be caught by the international police because of being tagged as a terrorist. And the worst that could happen to him is to be exile or hang to death in Turkey. He also applied for US Citizenship last 2019 and it will take effect after 2 years. If ever it was approved he need to change his name, but he will still remain tagged as a terrorist in Turkey. So that is all my short story about Enes Kanter and how his nationality has gone as of now. We can still say that he is still Turkish but in their law he was already dropped by his government when he was tagged as a terrorist. So that is all my dear friend Thank you!

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Written by   131
5 months ago
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