Dragon City tutorial

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3 years ago

Hi if you are reading this you might be one of the newbie or wanted to know what is Inside the dragon city. Now lets begin in first you will have the block ups and their Ads about their new dragon the new events the maze and after you click the x button Zeus will be the tutorial guide and after that you know what are the basics so now. Here are the secrets first one is the limited time dragons that you can only obtain From the present event and from the breeding events or sometimes it is on the task. So now about the battles there are six kinds of battles the first one is on your friends On Facebook and the second one is the league battle which you only have three Fights on each day and you have nine enemies but when you defeated all of your Enemies you will receive a reward worth of three gems you can purchase the golds And gems by using real money but i do not recommend it to use your money for These. Now the breeding in breeding you will need the right level of your dragon and The right element or type of dragon and you can upgrade your hatchery by using Gems you can gain gems on the league battle and by watching ads or by doing quest Specific quest made by the developer of dragon city and as you finish it you will Receive your reward after two days and dont worry its gonna arrive and now the Third kind of battle is quest battles which will require a specific kind and level of Dragon but sometimes not. The fourth one is the arena battles in where you have a Specific amount of trophies each win and lose of course you will start from zero Trophy and the. Fifth one is from the Rescue battles which has many phases and Gates now the last kind of battle is the event battle and thats it for now The End.

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