Deadliest diseases that hits the World

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After so many long times of evolving of Planet Earth there is a lot epidemic or pandemic have struck the world. All the scientist and medical researchers have been long time debating on either which they will called the correct term of Pandemic or Epidemic? But what thing i know the truth behind it that is a spreading of a disease.

For time past being sicked are won of the worst situation that could get your money or saving gone. Or what else for that who can not afford for hospitalization which mostly cause loosing of their lives. Sickness does not choose anyone either you are young or old or even rich or poor. As i believe to the saying that " Health is Wealth" so we should always take good care of our body and stay healthy. And on this article of mine i will showcase you about some of the deadliest epidemic or pandemic that struck the world and takes a lot of lives of people.

*Antonine Plague 165AD*

This one of the first sickness that hits the planet earth this Antonine Plague has tallied a total death of 5 Million all over the world. That until these modern era the cause of this disease are not yet discovered. This disease is also known as the "Plague of Galen" it is a first pandemic that affected Asia Minor, Egypt, Greece and Italy actually it looks like measles but according to which i mentioned nobody knows the origin of this disease. It was actually brought by the soldiers coming from Mesopotamia Army going to Rome on 165AD in an unintentional event they have spread the disease that take the lives of more or less 5 Million people all over the world.

*Plague of Justinian 541-542*

This disease killed 25 Million people the cause of thus disease is the 'Bubonic Plague" or also known as Black Death. It says that this disease take the lives of almost half of the population of Europe on that time. It is an outbreak of Bubonic Plague that have cause of the suffering of the Byzantine Empire and Mediterranean Port it has record as the first struck of Bubonic Plague in the history. It has been remarkable for the early people living in that time as it called an outbreak because of it's peak of 5,000 people have died every day.

*Black Death 1346-1353*

It has been said that around 75 to 200 million are the casualties of these disease. This is also the cause of the Bubonic Plague just like the Plague of Justinian in start of 1346 until 1353 it strucks the Europe, Africa and Asia it was believed that it was originate in Asia this disease was spread through continents by continents brought by the fleas of the rats that usually carried by merchants ships or ships of the traders. The ports of the cities that time are one of the perfect breading ground for the rats and their fleas, that is why it has evolve a deadly bacteria that destroyed 3 continents of the world.

*Third Cholera Pandemic 1852-1860*

It has a death toll of 1 Million the cause of this is Cholera or the problems with the small intestine, it was considered as one of the most deadliest of the seven cholera pandemic that was been recorded in the world like the first and second cholera pandemic. This third cholera pandemic was originally came from India that spread to their rivers and then as it enters Europe, Asia, Africa and North America that kills the lives of more than one million people. John Snow who is a British Physician is the one who discovered the cause of this disease the contaminated water that has been drink are the means of having these illness. But even though it was discover but it is still a little too late because on 1854 the worst year of this pandemic that take the lives of almost 23,000 in Great Britain.

*Flu Pandemic 1889-1890*

It has a death toll of one million. The cause of this is the influenza or flu. Originally called as the "Asiatic Flu" or "Russian Flu" it was think as an outbreak of Influenza A that is a virus sub type H2N2 but in the recent discoveries that it was the caused of Influenza A virus sub type HRM8. The first cases was on May 1889 in three separate locations Bukhara in Central Asia, Athabasca in Western Canada and Greenland. The rapid growth of the population in the 19th century only helped the virus to spread faster and not so long it has spread all over the world this is the first epidemic in the era of bacteriology and cannot be denied that even though it takes too many lives but also we learn a lot of lesson from it.

*Sixth Cholera Pandemic 1910-1911*

It has a death toll of 800,000 the cause of it is the cholera like the other past 5 incarnation of cholera this sixth pandemic is again originally came from India and then spread to Eastern Europe, Middle East, North America and Russia. this has been the source of the last era outbreak of the Americans in 1910-1911 of heath authorities. From the previous knowledge of the past diseases they have isolated the infected and at the end only eleven person have died in the United States.

*Spanish Flu 1918*

It has a death toll of 20 up to 50 million the cause of this is influenza in the middle of 1918 to 1920 it has recorded the most deadliest influenza in the history. That infected the 1/3 of the population of the whole world and take the lives of almost 50 million peoples. It has believed that there are 25 million deaths on the first 25 weeks of it's outbreak. The difference of this from other pandemic is that the target of this disease is the healthy young people, while the while the children has been safe and others that have a weak immune system. This flu has been believed that was originated in Spain that is why it is called the Spanish Flu. But there in not enough documents that can prove it. It was struck on the First World War the second wave of this pandemic is likely more deadly compared to the first one. The soldiers who are suspiciously infected of the disease is mandatory ordered to go to a crowded places that has been the cause of another spreading of the disease.

*Asian Flu 1956-1958*

It has a death toll of two million. This was caused by an influenza The Asian Flu is a pandemic outbreak of Influenza A H2N2 Sub Type it was originated in China on 1956 until 1958. In the two years of this pandemic it has traveled to the Chinese province of Geihzu, Singapore, Hong Kong and United States. The estimated numbers of death has been different and unreliable depending on the source. But in the World Health Organization release a final tally which is more than two million people has been the casualties which 69,800 are from America.

*Flu Pandemic 1968*

It has a death toll of one million people and the cause is also Influenza. If you have noticed usually the deadliest disease are flu. This disease is more popularly known as the "Hong Kong Flu" this is a result of the H3N2 string of the Influenza A virus from it's first reported case of July 13, 1968. And after seventeen days another case were reported in Singapore and Vietnam in the span of three years it has already reached India, Philippines, Europe, Australia and United States of America. There is a believed that 15 percent of the population of Hong Kong at that time has died because of these disease, and almost a total of 1 million from other countries that has been infected.


It has a death toll of thirty six million. It was first discover on the Democratic Republic of Congo on 1976. It is really a global pandemic to be called as it has killed more than 36 million Since 1981. Up to the date there is 31 up to 35 million people are living with the disease of Aids, majority are in the sub Saharan Africa which 5 percent of their population there are infected. There is a lot research and studies have made to cure this disease, fortunately it has able to managed compared to before. According to data 28 percent of fatality rate has go down. The NBA legend Magic Johnson is one of the famous personalities who are infected by this disease. It can actually get by having a not safe sex intercourse.

And now in our present days we are facing another challenge in our health and it is now can be called a global pandemic which is called the Corona Virus. It has originally started in the province of Wuhan China on December 2019. This virus has been rapidly spread all over the world because it is just new and no one have an immunity. Even though it is started in only in China it spread very fast all over the whole world now. It was declared pandemic by the World Health Organization on March of this year. And it cause for mostly of the countries to declared some lock downs on each of every community but still continue to spread up to this very moment of time. Up to now the updated number of infected of the virus in the world is 34,159,232 infections, 1,018,792 total of fatalities which 25,430,552 have already recovered from the virus. For now no one could tell the out come of this pandemic situation that we are facing right now not until a virus can be made. So while we are waiting for it we all must be take care of ourselves and always follow to our government health protocols of wearing mask and face shield and observe social distancing. Thank you so much and i hope you enjoyed all of you my co members here in keep safe every one.

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