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We all know how popular and how loved the sports of basketball here in the Philippines and it's also tag as a religion in the country. The sports has a very deep tradition and success from both local and international stages of the competition. In the early days of basketball the Philippines are was we may say the most dominant country in Asia when it comes to basketball when they finished fifth place in the 1936 Olympics that until now sets as the highest place finished by any Asian Country in the Olympics. Another proof is when the 1954 Fiba World Cup Championship Philippine team which led by Carlos Loyzaga captured the bronze medal that until now stood the record for the highest finish also in the competition by any asean country that's why basketball in the Philippines is very well loved and for some it is considered as an religion as they say.

But one thing that i was been able to like and loved the game of Basketball is well Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls is one reason. But before him it is because of the Barangay Ginebra SanMiguel a professional basketball team in the PBA Philippine Basketball Association that was well known by the never say die attitude of the whole team. I first watched their games when i was still a young kid in the 90's era which the team led by former senator of the republic and living legend Robert Sonny Jaworski. I remember that time in 1991 in the PBA 1st Conference finals when they meet the Shell team. In that series they found there selves in the forge of defeat when they were down 1-3 and they're opponent only need 1 win to go as champs in the best of seven series. But because of the never say die attitude of the team they managed to even up the series at 3-3. And in game seven an off balanced buzzer beater shot by Rudy Distrito sealed the game and the championship for Barangay Ginebra to captured their third PBA title at that time and cemented one of the greatest comeback ever in PBA Finals history.

At mid 90's the gin kings changed their players with the likes of Marlou Aquino, Bal David, Noli Locsin, Vince Hizon and some other great players which some great imports in the name of Henry James and still Jaworski in the line up as an head coach in that era Alaska milkmen was dominating that time to prove that they've won an elusive grand slam in 1996 but they still managed to win a couple of championship. And then in 1998 the living legend Jaworski retired at the age of 52 which holds a record for his age for any basketball roster.

And then the 2000's era came the born of the what i can say the most popular tandem in the PBA the fast and the furious era which is Mark Caguioa being the furious one and JayJay Healtherbrand as the fast. They also once formed a big three when Eric Menk joined the team. This three players were all winners of the MVP award and collect some rings while playing together a total of four championships.

After the teams win their last championship in 2008 they had a title drought that last for more than 8 years so they decided to hire the legendary and the most winningest coach in PBA history coach Tim Cone that gives them 4 Pba Championships and counting up to date. This Basketball team is my favorite win or loss i may say that i'am a die hard fan of them before and up to now.

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