"Animal Mutation"

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In these new generation that we are living now we are already starting to discover some different kinds of animals that we would think only in the movies we could see it from those animals that are human like creatures and other looks of it. So in this article of mine I will share to you the 5 Animal Mutation that incredibly existed.


The goat who have 8 legs is owned by a farmer who is from Croatia. According to the farmer he is very shocked that the new born goat has 8 legs, so he named it Octogoat. Because of it's excess number of legs the goat are having a hard time standing and to walk. Aside from the numbers of the legs of the goat the owner was also shocked that the sex organ of the goat is also two, one is for female and the other one is for male sex organ. Octogoat came out from a mother goat together with his two siblings, that are both normal. So that is why veterinarians believed that Octogoat twin sibling was formed together in his body while they are still in their mothers womb. They also believed that octagoat life will not be more than 1 week, and if get lucky the maximum time for octagoat to live is up to three years old only.


They named Frank and Louie the cat who have 2 face and 3 eyes. It was owned by a veterinarian, even though it had two face, but still it has only one brain. And his extra eye in the middle of his face could not able to see. The case of this cat was called diprosopia. This disease is having a two face in just one head. Not only in cats or dogs this case could happen, the cats who have diprosopia usually lives a less period of time. That is why Frank and Louie became popular because they lived up to 12 years which is the longest period of time for those animals that have the disease.


Kenny is a white tiger who had been rescued in the United States in the year 2000. This white tiger is mentally disabled and have a deformed face that becomes a reason for the tiger on closing his mouth properly. The parents of Kenny are siblings tiger who have been mate by their breeder that hoping to came up with a white tiger that he is planning to sell in a big amount of money. But because of it Kenny have deformity in his face, so nobody wants to buy him. In the history white tigers are very rare, the only reason to have a white tiger is when you breed two tigers that are in same blood, but the chances for it to produce a white tiger had no assurance. Mostly white tigers are having disease or physical deformity like Kenny had. The genes that causing for the tiger to become white are also the reason of their abnormalities in their looks.


When Faith was born he suffered brain injury that caused of the weakness of his bones. Because of this she had a very hard time to walk normal, Faith was found by a teenager on the streets and bring in their house. Because Faith is really having a hard time on her condition veterinarians decided to just cut his two legs in the front. And they think that time that Faith would never be able to walk again, but they were very shocked when faith learned to stand, walk, jump and run with only the use of it's two legs. Faith became famous online and was featured in some TV shows in America like in the Oprah show. Faith also visited some military bases and hospitals together with her owner where she became an inspiration and give strengths to the injured soldiers. Because of what she did, she was also honored with an award by US Army as Honorary Sargeant.

1: Froggy

One frog that have 3 heads and 6 legs that has been found by one student in the garden of Green Umbrella Nursery in United Kingdom on 2004. At first they taught that this is 3 frogs who are only hugging each other, so they are all shocked when they find out that this is just one frog. The amazed teachers caught froggy and put in a jar but later managed to escape. According to them the legs and eyes of froggy just look normal. But they are not sure if it's mouth is also normal. Based on a professor of Biology there is a lot frog mutation was discovered in the past 200 years, but in the case of froggy who have 3 heads and 6 legs is new in their knowledge. Based on the professor this case is because of parasites, pollution or genetic mutation. Other says that the mutation is caused by a near by decommissioned nuclear power plant.

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The problem of mutation is very increasing in the breed of animals. And I don't know what to do about it. May Allah help and protect us and the animals against having child with mutation problem, Ameen summa ameen.

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