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7 - Eleven History

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1 year ago

How are you all my dear friend in this article of mine I will share to you some exciting facts about the very famous convenience store in the world 7-11

Before it started to name 7-11 this very famous convenience store like others it started first as a small business. In the year of 1927 when an employee of a factory of ice making machine named Joe C. Thompson which is from Dallas Texas, is having an extra job of selling eggs, milk and breads in a small place in their company. The employee of their company is so busy and always in a hurry and they like the service of Thompson.

The service he is giving is very convenient that is why his customers liked it a lot. He focused on his small business and because of his hardwork his business started to grow. And later on he actually buy the company where he is working.Since then Joe started to put branches of his convenience stores in Texas.

Before his convenience stores was called 7-11 it was actually called first the "TOT'EM STORE" it based on the statue which called Totem that was bought by one of the executive of the company of Joe. This statue has became lucky for them when they put in one of their busiest store in Texas. And that is why the company have already adapted the name TOT'EM.

In 1946 the company have changed their business hours in all their stores which they opens at 7am in the morning and then closed 11pm in the night.

*So why is that all the stores in the world right now is open 24 hours and why not they called the stores 24/7 instead 7-11?

Well the explanation is that on 1963, their company noticed the growth of number of students in Texas, that takes up until late night and some up to morning because of their football practice. On that time no stores are open 24 hours, and eventually take advantage of it to open their stores 24 hours of full operation and they cannot believe that it will actually click their 24 hours operation. And from that day the 7-11 are opened 24 hours a day.

*Why products in 7-11 costs high?

One of the reason why their products costs alot compare to others is because of the operating cost, the 7-11 is not just an ordinary store they also have machines that also operates 24/7. Such as slurpee machine, ice cream maker and top up machines which actually needs maintenance everyday. Other than that is the high priced they paid on the rent of the place of the stores.

*Why there is no toilet in 7-11?

Technically there is a toilet that is to be used only for the staff, only none for the customers. Because 7-11 is a convenience store that mostly all of their products are on the go which the customers directly go once they buy something.

Up to know the headquarters of 7-11 are still located on Texas. And as of 2019 they have 60,000+++ branches worldwide.

And that is it for my article about our favorite convenience store 7-11 I hope you liked it. Thank you and keep safe everyone.

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Written by   131
1 year ago
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