" 5 Most Unusual laws in the world"

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Every country has its own rules and implemented laws that has been conducted by the past and present leaders of every country. But actually there are some countries that you will be shocked because of their very different and unusual laws and rules in their country. And that is why in this article of mine I will share to you the 5 most strange or unusual laws in the world.


Would u believe that in the country of Japan fat peoples are not allowed? Maybe u will not believed because this country is very popular in their sports of Sumo Wrestling which mostly stars some over weight competitors and a few times you could see some fat men and women in the country. But actually they really do have a law that forbids the fat or overweight people. All Japanese citizens that reach 45 years old of age, the local government are requiring to measure the waist of every individual. And that is why every year almost 56 million Japanese people are being measeuer their waist line by the government. The male waist line should be less than 33.5 inches, while the female should be less than 35.4 inches. The Japanese that are overweight will be given a guidance and counciling for them to reach the ideal waistline of their country.


In the Philippines there is an amount of penalty that you should pay when you violated a traffic rules and caught by the the enforcers, but in Finland it is very different the penalty that you should pay in a traffic violation is based on your actual salary or total incomes. The fine that you will pay for example in a speeding ticket is half of your salary in one day. It is in favor for those who have a low amount of daily income. But this law is still unusual on 2002 one Nokia Director was given a speeding ticket after he violates a 25km speed rule in one place in Finland. Because he is a Nokia Director half of his daily income is amounting to $103,600 or almost 5 million in Philippine Peso. And because of that it holds the record in history as the most expensive speeding ticket violation fine.


Many of us Filipinos likes unlimited or buffet style of foods, because we want us to be full our stomach so we are very much likely to be in Denmark when it comes our eating habits. In Denmark it is allowed to not pay on the food that you eat if you are not yet full. Yes you heard it right, you can actually not pay when you think that you are not full or satisfied on the food that was served to you. So that is why all the restaurant here are serving big amounts and tasty food so that you will pay for it. If you just imagine you could actually just said that you are not satisfied with the food that you eat so you no need to pay it. But eventually they also have a law in Denmark that will process if you are only lying of you are really full or not on the food that you eat and there is a big penalty for it if you are proven that you are lying.


Are you a dog lover? And you always joke and play around with your dogs, well unfortunately you are not allowed in Oklahoma because of their unusual law in some part of the city it is not allowed to make fun of the dogs, using your face, not allowed to make face, troll face, make your nose hole big, tongue out and make sad and cute faces to the dogs. This law is very unusual and nobody knows why they have a law like this. The individuals that will be caught violating this laws are have a big amount of fine and will go to jail. So those who always play around with their dogs better stay away in Oklahoma.


Start to the year 1799 it is forbidden to wear a jeans for all the women in France, that you should actually need a special approval from the police officials for you to be able to wear jeans. It was re arranged in 1892 which allowed the women to wear jeans but in a condition that they will need to ride a horse for them to be able to wear jeans. On 1909 again it was re ordered and the women are allowed to wear jeans but only if they are riding a bicycle. And only in the year 2013 this law has totally revoked and all the women's are allowed to wear jeans anytime. This law is very unusual that it lasts for 213 years that is why the top 1 in our lists.

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