"5 Most expensive cars in the Planet"

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In these generation today a lot of people are having there own cars as it is a necessity. Some have their cars as it is very difficult to be on a public transport. There is a lot of installment plans and car loans have been offered every where just to easily sell the cars. But did you know that there actually some cars that are very luxurious and expensive that the price are almost 5 billion in Philippine peso? So that is why in this article of mine I will share to you the 5 most expensive cars in the whole world, so let's start.


There is only 1 piece of this luxury car in the world. It said that this car is very unique because the body of this car is made of titanium and carbon fiber. It has a very strong 680 horse power engine, that could run up to 350 kilometers per hour. It could actually run up to 100 km/ph in a span of only 3 seconds. That is why car collectors would love to have it, this car is one of the most expensive in the world that have a price of $3.8 million.


This legendary car has been sold in an auction with the price of $14 million. That is why it is the most expensive Porsche car in the whole world. This car was especially made for racing events, this car is very fast that it can run 100 km/ph in just a span of only 2.3 seconds. And it is an endurance races which have already won 24 hours La'manz of 2 times. Only 12 pieces of this car has been made. And because of it's accomplishments and only few has been made of this car it is one of the most loved to be have by the sports car collectors in the world. It can run with a total speed of 362 km/ph.


This is a sports racing car which has been made by Aston Martin itself on the year 1956. It became popular because of its win in the 1959 24 hours La'manz and this car was an endurance classic. It also wins so many more sporting world car events that includes the 1,000 kilometer race. This car has been sold with a price of $22.5 million which have a report that one private car collector have bought this car, that is why it was known as the most expensive car that has been sold in an auction. It is also said that this is the most important thing that Aston Martin have done. And it has only 5 pieces of this car has been made.


It is one of the most iconic racing car that has been made all over the world. Only 34 pieces of this kind of car has been made. And one Ferrari 350 Testa Rossa car that has never been restored and still working and in good condition has been in sold in an auction for a price of $39 million. And another 1 car like this was sold amounting to $16.4 million. This Ferrari cars have dominated the racing field before, which it has won 10 World's Car Championship Race. This car was made on 1856 up to 1861. It is a vintage car that everybody love to have because the lots of number of achievements of this car. But this is not the most expensive Ferrari Sports Car on the whole world.


This car tops our list because it is the most expensive car that has been sold in an auction. It was sold with a stunning price of $70 million. On 2013 there is actually one Ferrari 250 GTO has been already sold for the amount of $52 million. It is legal to drive on the road, and it was already have been drive by the greatest drivers of all over the world. This car also won racing championships such as 24 hours La'manz race, Tour de France and the World Sports Car Championships. The Ferrari have only build 36 pieces of this amazing car that started on 1962. This sports car is the "holy grail" of sports car collectors.

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