5 Most biggest sharks in the world.

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The sharks are one of the animals that most people like us are very afraid of because it is very aggressive. And for sure you are one of those person who are afraid of sharks, but did you know that there is a lot of different kinds and species of sharks. So that is why in this article of mine i will share to you the 5 most biggest sharks in the planet earth.


This kind of sharks will be notified with it's long tail like with the stingrays. The very high and long tails that it have is almost the same length of its body. What amazing to this kind of shark is that he uses his tail as primary weapon for him to get his food to eat. The male big eye thresher shark can get up to 3 meters long while the female is up to 3.5 meters long. They can be found in tropical waters.


One of the species of shark that almost every one knew is the hammer head shark. It was called the hammer head shark because of its T shape head that looks like a hammer. Their eyes have a very wide visual range. They can grow up to 5.5 meters long and it's weight can reach up to 450 kilograms or more. It's color is green brown and it's teeth is very big and triangular shape. This shark is carnivorous and eat all kind of fish and living things under the ocean and even sometimes they also eat other kinds of sharks. They can be found near the shorelines and the deepest part of the ocean.


The great white shark is well known as the ferocious predators in the ocean. They also the sharks that we mostly seen on movies because of its aggressiveness. It reach up to 7 meters long and weighed up to 3,500 kilograms. It's mouth can open wide untill 1.2 meters that is why he can eat a human being. It has very sharp teeth and it is one of the animals in the world that has a very strong bite. It can be found in temperate and coastal waters. They are hunters that eats all kinds of species in the ocean but one of their favorites are sea lions. In the heavy weight of this shark this creature still can move so fast.

This kinds of sharks eats plankton that is why other kinds of fish is safe from this creature. Their mouth can open wide up to 1 meter. And their mouth is open wide while swimming at the same time when they eating planktons. The adult basking shark can weigh up to 6,000 kilograms then can grows up to 8.8 meters. They are called the slow moving filter eater because of its attitude to eat on top of the waters of the ocean. Even this shark is very big they are not aggressive and they are harmless to human beings.


It can grows up to 20 meters long and have a weight up to 12,500 kilograms. There is no question that the whale shark is the biggest shark on the world. Like the basking shark they are also eating planktons that is why they are also harmless to human beings. They can be seen on tropical seas which include the Philippines. Which actually a lot of tourist visits some parts of the Philippines like Cebu, Southern Leyte, Palawan and other islands just to see a whale shark, or if you got lucky you can have a chance to swim together with the whale shark under the sea. It has many tooth which has layer but it is just small. This gentle giant is friendly to us human beings.

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Wow! I've always seen this at the movie most of the time the wild white shark

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