"5 Bravest animals that you will surely fear"

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There is a lot of dangerous animals that you can see all over the world. That for sure  every one is afraid to encounter face to face in real life so in this article of mine I will share to you the 5 most brave animals that you will surely fear.

For sure some people will be shocked to know that honey badger is in my list as one of the most brave animals in the world, they are not quite that big and they look harmless and also to think that they have honey on their names. But actually they are one of those animals who never backed down. Their skin is very thick, so that is why they never get easy to have critical hits by their predators. They also very good on escaping on their predators, and as soon as it's escape they will fight back on their enemy and bite them. The Jaws of honey badger is very strong, and have a very sharp teeth. They eat completely all their victims that even the shells of turtles they can actually eat because of its very powerful Jaws.

This kind of animals can be found in Asia, Africa and Europe. They are very adaptable and small, they only have a size of 10 up to 30 inches. And even though they are very  small animals they are brave that also never back down on their enemies they can defeat some poisonous snakes, that even though they been bitten already by a poisonous snake they will not die because they developed already on their body the immunity of the venoms of snakes. So that is why they can survived up to more than 1 bite of posinous snakes. In it's size  you cannot imagine that they also fighting to lions. That is why they deserve a spot on this list.

Rhinoceros is very big animal and some of it's kind are weighing up to 3,500 kilograms that is why the rhino's are second most biggest mammals animals in the world next to elephants. But even though they are very big they still can run very fast up to 65 kilometers per hour. They also have a very pointed horn that they use on anyone they want to attack. Their horn is not a bone that is not connected on their skull, it is like a claw that never stops growing that can reach up to 4.9 inches.

Hippo is one of the most dangerous animals in the world because of the very numbers of people that they have killed. They are very territorial and very hot headed and they are attacking anything or anyone that is why a lot of people in Africa have died because of these animals. Their teeth are very big and very strong to bite and to add up their very big and buff body that is why these kind of animals are very hard to fight. They even fights with crocodile and lions. Even they looks fat and very slow they you still can beat them in running and even they are not carnivorous they still attacked different kinds of animals they are very dangerous and brave kind of animals.

The wolverines are the biggest of the whistle family, they can be found in Europe, North America and Asia. And they are always traveling to look for their foods. Even though their size is not that big they can still managed to fight to  bears that are  twice of their size. Some predators backing down and afraid of them because of they are very brave. Only humans are the only one hunting them because of their skin. They are nocturnal hunters and they usually attack in the night. They can hunt sheep, deers and some small bears. They can grow only up to 36 inches. But because of their bravery no animals take the risk on attacking wolverines. They also release on their body a very unusual smell so no one also wants to be closer to them.

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