"5 Animal that can run same with the speed of cars"

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How are you all my dear read.cash friend? I hope you are all doing well and having a good health and still moving on in life despite of the trials brought by the covid 19 pandemic. Well on this article of mine i will share to you the 5 animals that runs much faster than an ordinary cars so let's start.

5. Blue Wildebeest

The wildebeest can run up to 80 km/h it can be found in Southern and Eastern Africa. This animals looks like a carabao and also a cow, because of it's horn and wide of their body. But their differences is that the carabao and cows are very slow to run because of their heavy and big bodies. While the blue wildebeest is much faster to run than a lion that has a speed of 80 km/h. The men and women blue wildebeest both have horns which the shape of their horns is called parenthesis. These animals are herbivores.

4. Springbok

Springbok is one kind of a medium size antelope that can be found in South Africa. In fact this is the national symbol of the country Africa. The springbok is can run as fast as 88 km/h, that is why they are not too much bothered by their predators and other wild animals like the tigers and lions because they can easily left behind this creatures by running fast. Because of their body is not that heavy and big and have long legs that is why they are very fast to run. Both male and female springbok have long horns it has a shape of curved backward and with a size of 14 up to 20 inches.

3. Quarter Horse

The next animal in our list is frequently use in to an competition events and it is the American Quarter Horse. This horses are all American breed which is use for horsing competion. This is horses are known as much faster in the short sprint racing. The bodies of these kind of horses are masculine that is why they are much controlled on their speed because of their masculine legs and foot. These horses can run up to 88.5 km/h.

2. Pronghorn

This animals is much known with the called of American antelope. The pronghorn is the fastest animal in the Western Hemisphere that also has a capacity to run same with the quarter horse of 88.5 km/h. They can be found in the central part of North America. Like the springbok they don't have a hard time with their predators because they can out run them also. Their respiratory system is very different
because even though how long time he runs his speed is still consistent not like other animals that very fast to run but also fast to get tired. The have wind pipe heart and lungs that can manage to supply enough air on their breathing even though they are running very fast.

1. Cheetah

The cheetah is the fastest land mammals in the world, they have the capacity to run very fast with a speed of 110 - 120 km/h. Being a predator the cheetah has a very big advantage on it's speed compare to other predators, but there are still some animals that can beat them when it comes to physical battle like the hyenas. But still the cheetahs like to hunt medium size animals like gazelle, springbok and many more. They are avoiding to hunt some bigger size animals like ostrich and zebras. But when they are together in large number of cheetahs they usually hunt for bigger animals and they mostly hunt during day time.

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