2,529, new COVID19 cases; 53 casualties; and 1,163 patients recovered

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The number of victims of coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 has increased in the country based on the latest data from the Department of Health (DOH) this Saturday, September 5. According to the report, 2,529 confirmed new COVID cases have now been registered and a total of 234,570. Of that additional number, 2,145 were recorded in the past two weeks from August 23 to September 5 where the NCR still recorded many new cases at 968. Region 4A followed with 356 and Region 6 with 243. The test results were submitted by 92 out of 113 operational laboratories in the country. There are now 69,112 active COVID-19 cases in the country. The number of recoveries is also rising because after an increase of 1,136 now it has hit 161,668. It also added 53 more patients to a total of 3,790 deaths from the disease of which 21 died this September; 18 in August; 12 in July; and one each in April and June. Most of the dead were also recorded in NCR with 32 while six in Region 3. Four in Region 6 and 4A; two in CAR, Region 1. and BARMM while another in Region 12.

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The UP specialist said we already flatten the curved on the number of infected peoeple but still the number rises of the positive people

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