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2 years ago
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Hello there it is now summer and yes covid 19 is still here and they are doing the Vaccination and there were mostly deaths because of the vaccine and also there are Still some strong rains before the summer comes also there are a lots of food Shortage and the yes the number of people that is getting homeless are rapidly Increasing also because of that the number of people that is suffering also rapidly Increases and which mostly cause of those things and there are some flus on the Chickens and Pigs which is one of the main reasons why there is a lot of food Shortage and also there are new types of Covid that are so mysterious on how it is Happening and why does it happens well most of the people and professionals said it Depends on the place for example in UK they are calling it the UK Covid Variant thing They said it is much more worse dangerous and more and it just evolved and yes it is Very mysterious until now that most Scientist cant even know or define why and How it evolved and yes it is very alarming until specially the Covid 19 ios been going On for long 1 year now so far and the fact that is evolving is a very big problem and The vaccines has some failures of course and they have injected a lot of people by Now also a lot of people have died because of side effects or its because of their age Specially the old ones like Senior Citizen and yes mostly from PFIZER one of the Worlds premier biopharmaceutical companies and yeah the patients or the Vaccinated people mostly suffers blood sickness after they took the Vaccine from PFIZER and yes it is creepy how hard they suffer and eventually died and it is from The old ones that suffered those things and symptoms and yeah they really need to Improve it and there are a lots of Labs or Biopharmaceuticals that is making and Trying to find the cure for this mad sickness that makes infected people suffer the Unimaginable pain well that is all for now Thank you For Reading.

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