10 Most unusual jobs in the world

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The most different job in the whole world that if you found out about you will be really amazed and maybe it is the first time for you to know that there is a job like this. So in this article of mine I will share to you the most unusual jobs in the world.

10: Professional Sleeeper

There is a one hotel in Finland that hires professional sleeper just to test how comfortable their beds in their hotel. The individuals will sleep in different rooms and bed every night and they will record about their research on how much they have been comfortable on each bed that they have slept.

9:Drying paint watcher

This is not a joke, there is really a person who is working and earning money while only watching the wet paints to be dried. There is a guy in United Kingdom that is spending his days on painting on all shapes of boxes for him to test on how the new mixes of paint to be dry and monitoring the changes of its color and texture.

8:Full time Netflix viewer

Just imagine that you are getting paid by just watching Television the whole day such a very nice experience from an employee. Netflix are hiring some individuals to watch all their content before they will show it to the public. And their main job is to study and to tag every program under its right content. That will surely help for us viewers what we really like either it is a romantic, classic, action and any other content of shows.

7:Professional Pusher

Japan is really such a hardworking country and it assures that all of its employee are never late in their schools or jobs schedules. And it is the main reason why they are hiring professional pushers, their main job is to push the people inside the train which they think there is still space for them inside the train so that no one will be late.

6:Professional Mourner

This is one tradition in South East Asia that a very loud crying in an funeral will help those who passed away in their journey in the other life. That is why those professionals are getting hired to cry out loud in the last day of the funeral.

5:Snake weaker

The job of this snake weaker is to collect the venom of some poisonous snake to use it as an anti venom and some other medicine. Thanks to this people who are very brave on this job that actually saving lives of many people.

4:Dog food taster

The job of the dog food taster is to taste the new product of dog foods, such as bones, tind meat and biscuits. They are doing this to try the taste and texture of their product compare to the items of their rivals company of dog food.

3:Odour Judge

To test the effectiveness if the new products the odour judges are hired to smell the breath, underarms and feets of the of the volunteer, in this way they will know if their product are quit effective.

2:Marmite tester

In the case of St. John Skelton his level of appreciation is very high as a part of a team of a marmite tester he is responsible in testing every batch of marmite if it is on a right texture, appreance and the taste should be all the same In a span of 30 years working in the company he ates more than 30,000 jars of marmites.

1:Scuba diving pizza delivery man

If there is a hotel underground in the place of Florida so they also have a scuba diving pizza delivery service that gives them their ordered pizza into their water room in a very luxurious under water hotel in Florida.

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