10 Most Guarded Places in the Planet

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There is a lot of so many beautiful places in our world that we could enjoy and visit, but there is also some places that you could not go directly that is because a lot of people are guarding or protecting it. And on this article of mine I will share to you the 10 most guarded or protected places in our planet so let's start.

10: Buckingham Palace

You can found it on London England. You can say that this place is so amazing as it has 775 rooms, 1,50o doors and 700 windows. The place is secured because it was surrounded by the guards from British Soldiers, like the foot guards and horse guards. That is why you just can say that this place is very different but also an elegant place. The purpose of this place is to protect the Royal Family that is why there was built inside it that was called panic room's incase there is an incident of attacks they can bring the Royal Family there.

9: White House

It is located on Washington D.C in United States of America. The White House is full of security measures and equipments that you could never imagined. The iron fence beside it look just normal but it can managed the rampage of a car. The place is also surrounded by special agents that is why it could not be entered by anyone. The windows are all bullet proof, there is also a lot of alarms and sensor inside and outside of the White House.

8: North Sentinel Island

It is located in India, this island is believed to be the home of the Sentenilese Tribe. It says that this tribe are the most isolated people. That is no one can entered on this island. On the year 2006 there is 2 fishermen who goes nearby the island then after a couple of days have passed there is a news that this two fishermen has reportedly missing. When a search team goes to the island the bodies of the two missing fishermen was found there, while the helicopter of the rescue team has thrown rocks and arrows by the sentinelese tribe to push them away if the island. On 1974 the film crew of National Geographic goes to the island together with some policemen and Anthropologist. They plan to discover more about the island and be friends with the people, but while getting near to the island a bunch of people which are members of the tribe appeared and attacked them by hitting them with arrows. So they backed out but the tribes continuous to attacked them, until the leg of the film director was hit by the arrow. On that event they have captured a photo of the tribes and have publishes in the National Geographic. In an estimate there around 20 persons tribe members living on the North Sentinel Island.

7: Ryongsong Residence

It is also called the Kim Jong-Un's Residence that could be found in North Korea. This is a place where Kim Jong-Un lives thesuoreme leader of the country North Korea. The place is surrounded by electric fence, mine fields and security checkpoints. It also surrounded by heavily armed soldiers, bricks that have metals that can stop an explosion of a nuclear.

6: Area 51

It can be found on Nevada USA. This place is very mysterious that catch a lot of attention of people, there are theories that why the security in this place is very high and strict. The whole place have motion triggered sensors which can detect movements in the whole place that if someone has entered it directly alarms the armed guards. Because of the high security of these place even flying on top of the place is restricted.

5: Park Safe Derby

This is the place which is the most safest in the world to park your car and it is located in England. The place is famously known as the safest car park in the world because you cannot enter there without your smart card ticket. This smart card ticket tells where your car is parked. It has 10th floor and 440 parking space and it is opens 24 hours everyday. The cars are guarded by motion ditectors while the building have his own alarms for safety. One of the things that you can be amazed here is that it is automically lockdown when some one known has enter on the vicinity.

4: Global Seed Vault

This vault was started to keep and protect the seeds from man made disasters like an explosion of nuclears. Started by the Norwegian Government that is amounting to $8.8 Million to build. This facility has been build to protect the seed from different parts of the world. For now it has 980,000 of sample of seed and each of the have 500 seeds like rice, barley eggplant and many more. It can stock up to 2.5 billion of seeds. It maintains the temperature here of negative 18 degree Celsius so that it can still use even a long period of time have passed. If you want to go to the place it is okay also to take pictures but only outside because it is not allowed to enter inside. It has motion sensors, concrete walls, air locks and blast proof doors.

3. Fort Knox

One of the guarded place in the planet earth. It was opened on the year 1937 mainly to deposits gold and to take care of some historical documents. That is why it popularly know as "The Vault" Inside of it almost half of the gold of the United States of America was hidden. That is why it is forbidden to stand up even in the gate of Fort Knox. It is surrounded by a very high protection, from its electric walls, security cameras, walls that is built on granite and guard that is equipped with machine gun that surveys in the area. So that is why anyone who wants to get inside there will have a hard time.

2: Snake Island

It can be found in Brazil, the original name of the island is Ilha Da Quemada Grande. In this place not motion sensors, security cameras or heavily armed guards are the one guarding the place. This island have a thousand creatures of snakes which are living here. The most known snake that is living here are the golden lancehead viper that his venom can dissolve the flesh of an human. In estimate there is 4,000 kinds of golden lancehead viper in the island. Every square meters you can find a snake every where you look you can see a snakes. You can notice in the island one light house over there that was built there long time ago in 1909. Based on the story the last light house keeper together with his family was been attacked by groups of snakes when it breaks in to the window of their house. And that is why up to now the government of Brazil has give restrictions to any people who wants to go there because of the great danger that is brought by snakes. Only Brazilian Navy and research team are allowed to be there.

1: Kronstadt Fort Alexander I

It can be found in Finland and also known for the called of Plague Port. It is surrounded by water and high walls this a naval fortress. It is built mainly to protect the Baltic Water Way but from 1899 until 1917 the place has been used as a research for plague and other bacterial diseases. This place can occupied a platoon of 1,ooo soldiers it has 103 Canon ports and 34 guns. That is why this port can easily give defense on their territory. As of now this place is already abandoned

And that is it for my article about the 10 most guarded places in the whole world thank you and keep safe every one.

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all i know the most guarded place is the fire ants place ants that ready to die for their queen.

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