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How BCH can penetrate in Nigeria

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3 months ago

Bitcoin cash which was the fork of the bitcoin, after separating from bitcoin, has been finding a balance, even though while it's performing the function of what bitcoin should be performing, after so much thought on how what could make bitcoin cash go far or go widespread in Africa, i thought of some channels that could be taken to widespread the good news of bitcoin cash. Africa is going to be such a big market to cryptocurrency, if the right steps are taking, cryptocurrency is going to take over the African continent, even though Africans as we know are stubborn and not easily convinced humans, what could make them convinced are when they can have something at a lower fee, have something or send something that can send as fast as light.

Channels through which Bitcoin Cash can be spread in Nigeria;

Through Billboard; One of the most easiest place where bitcoin cash can spread in Nigeria is through a bill board platform. Bill boards are mounted all over the country, and its the easiest through which an information can be passed, taking Lagos state for example, there is a lot of traffic gridlock and people look out on the bill board while in the traffic, me included.

Through Bus Terminal Board; We have virtually bus terminal across the country, especially in Lagos State, Nigeria. Bus terminal is a place where those who are boarding a government bus or commuting vehicle wait to board to their various destination, so while people are waiting to board a vehicle, they can see the information of bitcoin cash on the board and learn the beauty of the figure digital coin.

Through Fliers; Fliers are also among the easiest way to disseminate the information of bitcoin cash in Africa, this can be disseminated by giving out to people moving around on the street and in the market. It can be distributed in the religious places too, so people can read and know so much about the beautiful coin, bitcoin cash.

Media Broadcast; This is one of the most effective way to disseminate the information of bitcoin cash, millions of people can't do without watching television in a day, most Africans loves watching television and this can be an effective way of passing the information of bitcoin cash to the Africans and world at large. An advert can be paid to give information about bitcoin cash during news hour or show program hour, it surely can be an effective way to introduce bitcoin cash to people, pass the Information, teach more people and create more awareness.

In conclusion, we need to tell more people about bitcoin cash to everyone around us, spread the word of bitcoin cash so it can be adopted by more people. Africa is going to be a great market for bitcoin cash adoption, for its still an early market for cryptocurrency market at large.

What other ways do you think bitcoin cash can be spread in every content, to increase more adoption and great investors at large.

Thank you for reading everyone!

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Written by   9
3 months ago
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look I admired this post with how you started with the fork going down to Africans adoption BCH. Which am sure it will possible in the future but you got to understand not all African countries will have the opportunity to be part of this. Because for example Nigeria; who has banned the use and trading of cryptocurrency.

The idea you have is great but in order to achieve this goal the Nigerian federal government need to go against its own policy ( which am not sure will happen anytime soon)

or unless the follow the united state by making cryptocurrency has a property or stock ( which will allow them to tax it )

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3 months ago

Well said.

Just like a revolution.. it all happening so fast in the blink of the eye

Bch would take over. Great write up

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3 months ago