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Ed Sheeran Plants A Forest On His Suffolk Estate

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Ed Sheeran Plants A Forest On His Suffolk Estate

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Ed Sheeran has planted a forest on his estate.

The 29-year-old singer has reportedly spent thousands to create a forest on his Suffolk estate, where Ed and his wife Cherry Seaborn have planted dozens of trees to help make the property more sustainable

A source told The Sun newspaper: "He's spent tens of thousands of pounds on the project - and Cherry's involved too as she's into re-wilding and sustainability.

"A huge field where his outdoor wildlife pond is will become a dense wood in a few years and he's planted trees six deep around the perimeter to afford him privacy.

"It'll help reduce the carbon footprint of him being a touring rock star, too."

Ed previously explained that he loves living in east England because, in spite of his chart success, local people still treat him like a normal member of the community.

The singer - who married Cherry in 2019 - shared: "I think what's beautiful about this area [is] no one's treated me any different. It's still the same people working in the fish and chip shop, [treating] me exactly the same."

Ed discusses his childhood experiences in his music, citing 'Castle on the Hill' as one song inspired by where he grew up.

Speaking about Framlingham Castle in Suffolk, Ed previously said: "This is the castle on the hill. This was what the song is about."

And the chart-topping star likened his relationship with Suffolk to Bruce Springsteen's links to New Jersey.

He recalled: "You'd get, I don't know, 20 cans and sit on that hill. I'm just really, really in love with the place that I'm from, much like Springsteen would write about New Jersey, I guess."

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