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Being stupid in life

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2 years ago

I'm sure I'm stupid, I proved to myself that my brain is really weak so I was able to say such a thing and it's true. When I was young I was really afraid to study because of the ones I saw students in the classroom, I really did not want to study during those times, and they forced me so I was also uncomfortable in my studies, I once ran away from class and my mind was not clear every time the teacher spoke in front of me. I did not learn anything from my situation until I came to the fourth grade so I still feel that way, until I accept that studying is better but there is still in my mind the frustration that resulted in my stupidity in class, often forgetful and lazy to read pages, do not think well and are always idiots, I said lord to the extent that I am a rock like this so I can be like my smart classmates.

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