When GOOGOL became GOOGLE!!!!

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After spelling mistake at the first time GOOGOL! became GOOGLE! Which is currently the most popular search engine in the world!

Who doesn't know Google? Let's say you search for Science Talkies and Google it. Google Advertisement Wherever You Go. Do you know what this Google means? Usually when it comes to naming, we prefer a short word with a beautiful meaning But what does Google mean? Does the name have any meaning at all?

Let's go back to about 25 years ago today At that time we did not have such a simple search engine Searching "How to unlock a key" will get you a database.

First of all there were hand notes in the varsity libraries There were names, addresses and web work of all web registrars If someone wanted to enter, he had to search from there and enter the domain directly In fact, the "search" term was not known well then. It was difficult to get web visitors so easily then!

A few days later, a search program called Backrub became popular Although there were many before But its popularity is growing because just typing in a part of the domain would bring up a list of all the websites associated with it. For example, if you write Stanford, all the websites of that university would come in the form of a list But then it was not as easy and beautiful search as us For example, I wrote "How to make a portable projector for mobile" and many articles came along. But then it would not come On top of that, Backrub became so popular that it could not handle the pressure of so many users, it would crash at any time.

From this comes a new line of thought in the heads of Larry and Sergei They tend to think that if they search for something, the articles will come in the form of data But the problem was the arrangement How will it come or who will be shown first? From there the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčalgorithm comes to their mind They use the algorithm to perform the most relevant and frequently seen algorithm of the periodic show.

So in the end they think of starting their own company Interestingly, they were doing a PhD in computer science and engineering at Stanford at the time. At that time, Stanford's situation was such that a quarter of them were opening their own company So they also got down to that.

That's why they all sat in a 'brainstorming' meeting to hear the ideas of different people. It can be said that that meeting has now become a legend of the information technology age.

That's where the Google name is suggested.

That name is written on the white board of Stanford University.

It was Googol - a mathematical word - meaning 100 zeros on the back of 1.

But while writing it, a spelling mistake was made unintentionally GOOGOL became GOOGLE.

The two entrepreneurs were asked what their current meaning or position is.

They said that since then it has become their noun and verb However, Google did not enter the field with so many business ideas So many did not join them then because they wanted to finish their studies. If he knew that if he joined that day, they would go to the forest of billionaire, who would not join?

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