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Not an Ordinary Promo,
But a Nexonomics Special

2.5x Referral Bonuses

We’ve increased the rewards from $10 to $25. And the best part – your referrals will get $25 in BTC as well.

$100,000 Prize Pool

A total of $100,000 in NEXO will be shared among the entrants who hold NEXO Tokens and have the most referrals.

Unlimited Referrals

Refer not up to 100, but an unlimited number of buddies – so flex those social muscles and make the most of your friend list.

2x Promo Duration

Thе promo will run from November 4 through December 31 – allowing you to make as many referrals as possible.

How It Works

It’s quite simple – sign in to your Nexo account, copy your unique link and start referring like your life depended on it!

And here’s what’ll happen next: you and your referrals will both get $25 in BTC within 30 days of them passing Advanced Verification and topping up the equivalent of $100 or more of any asset supported on the Nexo platform.

There’s no limit on the number of people you can refer, so invite as many friends as you’d like!

NEXO Token Holders: 100,000 More Reasons for You to Love This Promo!

Thought that was all? Well, no. We wanted to go the extra mile and reward the most loyal of you. So to top things off, we will redistribute a $100,000 Platinum Club Prize Pool in NEXO Tokens among the top 50 Platinum users with the most referrals.


Refer as many friends as you can. It’s a competition, so go for it!


Make sure you stay within Nexo’s Platinum Loyalty tier during these four check dates: Nov 16, Nov 30, Dec 15, Dec 30, 2021

If you join the promo later on, make sure to stay within our Platinum Tier for the remaining check dates until December 30.

2.5x Referral Bonuses

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