Ali Khan as the first American in the IPL.

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Ali Khan as the first American cricketer to get a team in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

In the recently concluded Caribbean Premier League (CPL) was a team owned by Shah Rukh Khan. He has also got a chance in the team of the same owner in IPL. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) team has drawn Ali. He played for another team of the same owner, Trincomalee Knight Riders (TKR) in the CPL this time. No other American cricketer has had a chance in the IPL before Ali. The pacer also played in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) before the CPL-IPL.

Despite being an American cricketer with his own performance, he is getting a place in the franchise leagues.

The Kolkata Knight Riders have been looking for an alternative to the injured bowler Harry Garn for some time. They also proposed Bangladeshi fast bowler Mustafizur Rahman. However, it was not possible for Mustafiz to go to the IPL as the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) did not match his no-objection letter. Just before the start of the IPL, the Trincomalee Knight Riders became the undefeated champions in this year's CPL. Sunil Narine of this team is also in the Kolkata squad in IPL.

Also in KKR are star cricketers like Eoin Morgan, Andre Russell, Pat Cummins. Ali got a chance in the IPL as a result of his good performance in the CPL.

He has taken eight wickets in eight matches for Trincomalee. He has spent 8.43 per over. Ali's name was also on the standby list of Kolkata Knight Riders in 2016, but he did not get a chance to get a place in the main squad. This time Ali saw the month of Poush in the defeat of Garn.

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