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7 steps to keep your BCH safe

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1 year ago
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Do you love your BCH enough to keep it safe? I'll show you how.

You know that cryptocurrency hacking is on the rise and that a little carelessness and ignorance can lead to you losing all your coins. This will not happen if you follow the next steps:

1. Open a new email address. Uses a strong password with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Do not tell about this email address to anyone and do not register on other sites. Use it only for the wallet.

2. Choose a wallet wisely. It is best to use a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger.

If you chose an online wallet or mobile/desktop wallet, make sure you use a strong password. Write down the password and do not lose it!

Now pay attention! When you open your wallet, you will receive 12 security words, these are your personal keys for the wallet.

Write down your keys! Don't lose them!

Don't forget, not your keys, not your coins.

3. Don't HODL your coins on the stock market. Have only the amount of coins you trade on the crypto exchange. Some well-known crypto exchanges were hacked and people lost their coins forever.

4. Watch your wallet's web address! Always make sure you log in to the right address! The link bar should contain the exact address of your wallet. If at least one letter is different, you can fall for the scam and give your information to hackers.

5. Watch out for fishing emails! If you have listened to step one regarding creating an email address, you should not receive phishing emails. However, fishing can also happen through social networks, other email addresses you use, through banners and pop-ups on various sites. Be careful and don't fall for scams! Watch carefully and don't click on nonsense.

6. Watch out for various scam projects. Don’t invest your coins in every project they offer you. Here's how to recognize pyramids and scams:

- they promise you earnings of 20.50,100% per week or per month

- they ask you to bring more friends who will invest so you can earn more or release your payment

- they ask you to pay more in order to unlock the payment

- You don't know who is behind the project

- you are asked to enter something that has not yet begun to be built

- they make you hurry (the offer is still valid only today...)

- many other ways

Know that there is no easy money, always google the project that is offered to you, ask around, think, and don't be fooled.

7. Always carefully copy the addresses to send or receive coins. I heard that there is a new virus that works when you copy your address, it changes the address and so the coins go to the address of the hacker. Therefore, when copying an address, be sure to check that it is copied correctly.


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Written by   209
1 year ago
Topics: BCH, Coins, Crypto, Wallet, Hackers, ...
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Some useful advice there and as you say, not your keys, not your crypto.

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1 year ago