Lived Experiences of Students Addicted to Online Games!

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May 03,2022 Article #28

Hello my fellow readers,, how's your whole day Tuesday going on? I hope your whole day is grate and wonderful.

Why did I came up with this title?

Well, it was my assigned task or the title of my practical research when I was on senior high school that I felt nervous and it made my hands and feet shivered when the defense came but I felt relieved when I finished defending my research and our teacher told me that I did my best.

(It's me before the defense start, may halong kaba at excitement)

So here it is.....

Online games also called computer games are very crowd-pleasing in our society, in terms of entertainment and enjoyment which it targets most of the teenagers especially students. In the internet, we can discover many activities such as: Facebook, Twitter, browsing Google in information, Instagram, internet for communication and etc. Some said that playing online games is one way to unleash boredom and fill your free time while some said that too much addiction on online games can change and affect one's mind and attitude.

The advantages of online games:

*Satisfaction, entertainment, hand coordination, mind boosting

Disadvantages of online games:

*Brainwash, low grades, addiction, loss eyesight, laziness in school, cost much money and just wasting time

Too much addiction in playing online games exhibited signs or symptoms such as social neglect, loss of interest in other leisure activities, social and psychological isolation; escape problems, aggressive behavior. Psychological stress, reduced school performance, decreased sleep quality, low sociability and self-efficacy and lower satisfaction with life. In certain cases, online game playing was allowed to act as a coping strategy for deficiencies or problems in player's such as a lack of friends, relationship troubles, or dissatisfaction with physical looks. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to online games was associated with physical health problems such as musculoskeletal symptoms and worsening of blurred eyesight.

By this information that I get to those of my participants, I then conclude that it will destructed our tomorrow or shall I say the dreams and goals of students that they were aiming was cracked-up why? Because almost all of my respondents experienced destruction or harm to themselves and a very large amount of damage on their health, in the way they felt irritated eyes, headaches and migraines. (Negative effects of playing online games)

There is also a positive effect of playing online games, one of my respondents told me that because of playing online games, he then know how to read and understand unfamiliar words especially when it is difficult.

Ending Thoughts

In order to solve this kind of problem, give time to our family so that your children can feel the support and love by their parents. Then, a students should have time to his studies in order for him to have a better grades and future. Must avoid too much addiction in playing online games in order to avoid too much exposure on the radiation that can lead to early blindness, migraines and mostly get irritated when socializing other people. The most important thing to do is to seek other games that are not necessarily about online games which can cause health problems, like ballgames, solving words or puzzles that are related to their lessons or else doing household chores that can make thier children motivates and comfortable. Must learn how to value ourselves and to our health because it is not easy to attach from sickness like early blindness and brain tumors or cancers because of too much exposure of radiation.

By this situation, continuing doing this kind of habit we are still the one who will suffer from our own doing.

Until here my fellow family, I just only summarized the topic because if I write the whole thing about my practical research then, it start with the chapter 1 until the references which was related to my topic about online games.

I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for stopping at my article. Have a grate and productive Tuesday night to all of us.

Before I forget, thank you as always my likers, commentators, subscribers and for those upvoted tips.

God bless us all and more powers.

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