I am Thankful and Blessed Today!

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2 years ago

Have a nice and greatful Sunday night my fellow readers.

Today, I was not able to go to church to attend the Holy Mass due to heavy rains and my parents did not allow me to go downstairs because it was so slippery. They want my safety because I am pregnant (baka daw madulas pa ako,,dilikado). So, I listened to them and preferred to stay at home. All I did was stayed at my room and played some music about God. While listening, I felt starving so I prepared foods to eat.

My Homemade Turtang-Gabi

Why did I prepared this kind of viand? Due to my boyfriend's request, I cooked this kind of menu because he told me that he missed my recipe and his craving for it because it is his favorite. But not just only my recipe he was missing off, also he missed me and also our soon baby (charoot). ( I was so excited to see him) one month long distanced relationship and we are far apart because he was still studying that is why he is so excited to went home early to taste his favorite food.


* Gabi (small or big)

* 2 eggs

* 1 sachet Magic Sarap

* Onions (bulb or strings)

* Salt ( just a pinch to add taste)

* Crushed Pepper (pamintang durog)

* Oil

(The image of grated gabi inside of the red topper ware!)


1. Prepare all the ingredients. Peal the gabi and wash it.

2. Prepare the grater to be use in grating the gabi. Grate the gabi to make it sticky . Put it in a bowl at set aside.

3. Slice the onions bulb/strings into small pieces.

4. Get the finished grated gabi then mix all the seasonings together with the eggs.

5. Once your done, prepare the frying pan and put the oil on it and you must let the oil boil before you put the grated gabi.

6. Use spoon or laddle to scope the grated gabi. Its up to you if you want big or small size.

7. Deep fry. Its color will be brown if it is already cooked.

8. Serve it hot so that it will crunchy. Its delicious when the sauce is little bit spicy.

(While I am starting to fry!)
(The result of ready to eat and serve Turtang-Gabi Viand!)

My Brother-in-Law arrived at home safely

He arrived at our house and little bit wet because of the rain. I invited him to take his lunch first because I know he was hungry because he drove from Leyte to Maasin and in a minute, he will going back home again to Mahaplag Leyte. He just went to our house to get my mother and niece to come with him because my mother will also care my nephew which was her first grandson. When my brother-in-law finished eating, he gave me something and told me that it was from your lovable and supportive eldest sister which was ate @Zhyne06.( Thank you for the presents ate loves, much appreciated.) I did not expect the presents you've given to me.

And lastly, my boyfriend also arrived at exactly 12:30 at the afternoon

I was cleaning the nails of my customer when my mother called me that, " Nak, your boyfriend is here already". I didn't believed to my mom because maybe she just teasing me because she knew that I missed my boyfriend so much. I only replied to my mom, "weeehhh???" My mother only laughed at me. When someone called my name and our call signed, I was surprised and in a little bit get being mute. That was the time that I believed my mother that it was true that my boyfriend went home safely. I want to hug him but I felt shy because my customer was still there and we are not yet done doing the pedicure. ( But my customer knew already that he was my boyfriend, at pati yung customer ko kinilig).

I told my boyfriend that you must stay at my room and wait for me a little bit and to have some rest for a while. When me and my customer was done doing the pedicure, my customer went home happy, contented, satisfied and thanked me for my better doings.

A seconds past by, I cleaned the mess and put my manicure/pedicure kit in its proper place. I hurriedly went to my room to look for my boyfriend. He was lying and playing his cellphone to unleash his boredom while waiting for me to finished my doings. I sat next to him, he stopped playing on his cellphone. I invited him to take our lunch coz I know he was hungry and me also. He did not refused but instead, he asked me if I made his request. I only smiled at him and he was surprised that I made and cooked his favorite. ( He ate well), when we were almost done eating he exclaimed: "thank you mhie sa masarap na pagkain kahit simple lang at nabusog ako subra" (with a smiling and satisfied face). Later on, he went back to my room first because I washed the plates and clean the table.

I followed him in my room. He was there, staring on our pictures at the gallery with his cellphone. I only did was sat next to him, kept being quiet and hugged him tightly. He pinched my cheek and teased me. After a while, he stares at me and we stared each other. He hugged me tight and kissed my forehead and while saying those words, " I missed you so much Momhie and I love you always". With that words, I cried because I knew what was the feeling of missing someone. I replied to him, " I love you most and we missed you too Dadhie". He wiped my tears and told me to lay down, he kissed my tummy and whispered, " I love you babyloves and Dadhie missed you too. I am excited to see you soon our little angel. Be good to your mom and don't make her suffer." At that moment, we shared each other what was happened in one month far from each other until we slept. He was still hugging me tight and one of her hands put on my tummy to feel the heart beat of our little one.


Even if the weather since not quite good, I was so happy and glad. Since, March 2022 starts and almost one week that it was rainy still I am blessed and grateful. Having a supportive and lovable parents and siblings is so special. Even me and my eldest siblings fought each other sometimes but still respect and love are always there and also, we help each other.

For my parents and siblings, thank you for having you in my life and for the unconditional love you always done to me everyday. Sorry for my mistakes that I have done to you. To my brother-in-law, thank you so much for coming to my eldest sister's life.

For my boyfriend, even we fight a lot I still want you in my life. I realized that even if there are many obstacles and challenges came to our relationship you did not give up but instead you fight for it and you stand for your obligation to take care for me and to our baby. Thank you for your unfailing love and thank you also, that you came in our life. I know that you will reach your goals in life soon and next I will be the one also, fulfilling my dreams.

Until here guyz, thank you for reading. Take care always and keep safe everyone and God bless.

Before I forget, thank you so much Lord God for this wonderful day you've given us and mostly, thank you for this best gift you've given to me,,,my little angel.

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