I am blessed and thankful that he is my father!

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Lead image: Me and my Father's bond!(mahiyain pagdating sa camera,hehehe)

Hello my fellow readers, have a bright Thursday night to all. Hope that you are happy and well. Tonight, the moon shines brightly.

Pasensya na po kung may kasaling tagalog for now.

So, here we go...

My ever supportive and loving father

Me and my Papa😍
(Pa, tumingin ka naman diyan🤪😘)

He is my father, his not only a "father" but his also my bestfriend and my teacher.

Making and building a house is his favorite thing to do or shall I say, he is a carpenter. Yes! His a carpenter, but I am proud because even we are poor but still he gives all his efforts and sacrifices to us. I know it is not easy being a carpenter. Rain or shine he still working in order to earn money for our basic needs. Even how tired he was, he has time for us to cuddle and play even we are already teens and have an own family.

To tell you the truth is, sa pagiging karpentero niya, dito niya kami binuhay at pinag-aral. Yes I know that I am not perfect daughter for him. I made lot of mistakes and disappointments to him but then he is still there at my side. The one who protects,disciplined, care and loved me. He nurtured me as well. Yes! My father is a strict one, but I know he just do this to me for my safety not just for me but also to my siblings.

In our place, their are lot of judgemental people. They always say that," karpentero lang naman ang hanap buhay niyan, kahit elementarya lang hindi kayang paaralin ang mga anak! Hindi makakatungtong ng sekondarya at maagang mabubuntis ang mga anak!"But papa never mind those words, instead he made it an inspiration and motivation. Father told us that, I will let them see and witness that they're wrong. But I know, papa was hurt by those words and he never let us know that because he never let us felt pity for him. Papa strive more and too much hard works until we reached highschool levels. Through his sacrifices and determination I realized that papa no one can drag him down. When he was going to his work, he just only walked for a mile to arrived his working place. I felt pity for my dad because, kahit pudpod na yong tsinelas niya todo gayod parin. Sometimes, his hands was wounded due to the saw he was using and also his fingers have bruises because he hit it by the hammer. When he arrived at home, he was so tired and I want him to feel better that is why I massaged him. By this doing, the tiredness of my father relieve. There were times that even his not feeling well but still he went to his work. I admired my father so much. No one can substitute the love and sacrifices of my father.

And the time came that my eldest sister@Zhyne06 finished her college degree. All our neighbours were shocked and surprised. They didn't expect that the one who they discriminate and degraded was now have a professional daughter. All the efforts of my father was worth it.

(Ang hindi maitagong tuwa't saya ni papa)

And soon, ako naman ang makakapagtapos at magiging proud din kayo sakin balang araw. And I will let our neighbors witness that the one who they underestimate was the one who will succeed soon.


"Walang ama na nakikitang nagdurusa ang mga anak. Umulan umaraw kayod parin mabuhay lang ang pamilya. Dugo't pawis ang inilaan upang maitaguyod ang pamilya. Buhis buhay ang itinalaga para lang makamtam ang nais ng mga anak."

Yes I admit that we are poor and my father's job is carpentry. Oo karpentiro ang papa ko pero hindi ko ikinakahiya ang papa ko dahil kahit kailan hindi kami pinabayaan. I was not here in this world without my father. I am proud that he is my father. Thank you for all papa. I will always pray that your in good health always. I miss you a lot and take care.

You are my inspiration and motivation to strive more in order for me to pursue my dreams and reach those achievements that you want for me.

Until here my fellow readers,,, have a productive and fruitful thursday night to all. God bless and more powers.

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