Why Divorce When You Can Stay Married?

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Divorce was once seen as a terrible act by many people, especially during the good old days.

Marriage was thought to be a sacred institution into which a woman or man was not supposed to look back once they entered. It is their cross to bear, good or evil, until death do them part.

Nowadays, the story has shifted, and it has changed quickly. People leave their marriages for the most insignificant of reasons, such as poor sexual performance or concerns about the size of their sex organs. The opinions of people about marriage is actually something to worry about

One can fail to give one reason in particular since there are so many. It all depends on why they signed the contract in the first place and what they were looking for. Why divorce appears to be on the rise are based on a few important factors which are listed below;

Neglecting The Fundamentals Of Marriage

Many don't understand the fundamentals of marriage as God intended it to be.Some people marry only to have a man's name. As a result, they consider it a contract to just obtain a man's name and add it to their own.

For others, it could simply be to obtain a roof over their heads, while for others, it could be because the guy has enough money to meet the lady's wants. Such persons tend to be disappointed when their purpose for getting into the marriage fails and so they find the nearest exit.

People don't care anymore about knowing the basic principles of marriage and its essence or purpose. This is a very fundamental cause of so many divorce cases in our world today.


A lot of couples lack of patience. One don't want to conform to the lifestyle of the other person, but that is, sadly, what marriage is all about. Because both of them come from different backgrounds and must be able to adjust to the man's or woman's way of life. And once they've decided to join forces, they should respect each other's backgrounds while tolerating him or her.

Couples barking at each other


When the two combines they create a new foundation on which to live together. This is actually the main foundation on which marriage should be built. I call this foundation "Teamwork". Tolerance is a core virtue needed so much in teamwork.

Domestic Violence

This can be either physical And emotional violence.Wives who are beaten up by their husbands never want to remain in marriage. This is a major factor that contributes to divorce today. It is no longer fashionable to encourage women to stay in abusive marriages. We've seen how bad it has gotten and how men can be brutal.

On the other hand, women can also be violent on the man especially with words. This violence goes on to attack the emotions and psychology of the man. This can come in form of nagging,insult and disrespect.


In any marriage, money is a major factor. It is a problem if there is no money.

There is no genuine lady on this planet who will enter into a marriage and then want to quit it immediately if there's money flow.The two couples must have to be involved in the financial aspects of the marriage must be able to manage their money very well

It's a worse situation if one person has money and the other has not. It becomes a more significant problem if the woman has the money and the husband does not. The way money is spent is also another significant component of it.

When a couple is unable to talk frankly and honestly about money, it can lead to a great deal of dissatisfaction. It could possibly lead to the emergence of other problems.


Extramarital affairs by the couple is huge danger to any marriage. It was not a big deal back in the past decades due to polygamy. Today, you'll be hard pressed to find a woman who will tolerate that.

Rather than stay married to a cheat, most women would rather prefer to be single.They simply can't bear their husband flirting outside their home and spending money unnecessarily. It's excruciating.


It also poses a threat to exposure to STDs because as a result of their multiple relationships, some of these guys even infect their wives with sexually transmitted diseases.

Do you expect all of these to be tolerated by the woman in order for her to stay married? Certainly not!

Third Party Influence

The influence of the couple's families is the next most essential factor. There is a problem when couples have challenges and don't have good family members to step in and help them settle the issues. That's why marriage is defined as the union of two families.

There is an issue if one of the spouses comes from a poisonous family history where they have no one to look up to and are in charge of their parents and elders. If you're a single woman dating such a man. Nothing good can be expected from a family like this.

When they need to intervene in an issue, they may act as if nothing is wrong and make half-hearted attempts.

It gets more worse when one family is more influential than the other in terms of wealth. They tend to decide what happens in the couple's lives. This is very intoxicating and difficult to handle.

Nevertheless, there are indeed so many other little factors but these mentioned ones are the most important factors to watch out so as to reduce the rate of divorce in our world today.

Marriage is actually a very beautiful thing to be although it can be challenging. But with love ,we can always conquer. We just have to change our mindset towards it and be committed to make it work.

The best ideologies both couples should have before entering the marriage life is to be open, tolerant , understanding, loving and above all to know that it is "for better and for worse" .

Any couple with these mentalities have already won and would have a long lasting fruitful marriage.

So you have two options:

Divorce or Happily Married?

Choose wisely!!

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