The Law Of Attraction: The Key To Match-Making

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​The law of attraction in physics taught us that  " opposite charges attract while same charges repel". Apart from Ampere's law of current which reveals the attraction of currents that are flowing in the same direction and the repulsion of those flowing in opposite direction,the above quoted law holds to be true and efficient all-over the universe. 

This law of attraction can be found so effective in virtually everything that exists on Earth starting from elements to objects and from animals to human beings. This was why the issue of gender became very relevant and important when the Creator was doing His thing 🤪 in creation. He made everything male and female, masculine and feminine both for living things and non-living things.

But why did He do this? 🤔

I can bet you that it was for no other reason than for the sake of COMPLEMENTATION. This reason is so prominent and can be clearly seen in our day-to-day activities.

But how? 

It could be seen in the existence of male and female animals,man and woman,male and female plants and in their different but unique organs and physiological features. This is simply a product of the inestimable wisdom of the Creator to know that one cannot completely exist without the other and as such, a certain kind of COMPLEMENTATION was needed. 

This He represented even to the lowest level of existence and also down to the imaginary level of things. This is to say that, this law pervades through nature and the Universe at large and it's strongly supported by the natural law of POLARITY which talks about the polar opposite of things.

This is simply the reason why we are always drawn to the opposite things of life each time even without knowing it.(Thus,the positive is always attracted to the negative).  This can be also likened to the issue of men being so attracted to women and vice versa. 

Everything in this life is unstable and so they  yearn for stability. So therefore,they all deserve complementation ( Little wonder the saying " No Man is an island"). These principles form the basis of every chemical reaction and combination which can ever take place in this Universe.

But could this be related to the marriage and its match-making? 

Heaven Yes!!  🤪 ( Not Hell No!)

In the beginning,God made them male and female..(cf; Mark 10:6)

Match-making in marriages has always been about complementation. That was why the Maker created the female and male genders alike. This is simply based on the law of attraction which we have extensively discussed here. (Please visit that post for better understanding)

We have always been biased to think that finding life partners has always been about the similarities which the both parties share. We've been stereotyped into thinking and focusing on the similarities which a person shares in common with a potential partner therefore neglecting those contrasting traits which always proves relevant in the ends

No human being can be the same with another. They can only share similarities of upto about 50% or less which is way much low. Every human being has been created by the Maker (in His infinite wisdom) and so must be different from the other in an obvious way (even the Siamese twins that share one body)

Nature has its way of matching us together with an appropriate life partner,friend or companion (using the principles of the law of attraction or polarity) and when it does,it bears complementation in mind. We are all meant to complement each other in relationships filling each other's gaps and loopholes. 

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The biggest mistakes we often make in relationships are; wishing and wanting our husbands or wives to be like us ; praying and hoping that our friends act or think in the same way as we do in all things and erroneously wanting to change the other person's mentality or view of things in an entire way.

We always fall into the pit of forgetting that we are unique and special individuals created with contrasting DNAs  and genetic make-up.

So therefore,we ought to understand our differences and resolve to live with each other in peace and harmony understanding each other more better. We have to know that a loophole seen in another person was created by the Maker to be filled by the other person. 

If you're hot and your friend is cold ,then understand that both of you were matched to complement each other for balance (Remember, nature abhors vacuum or imbalance)

What you are not was created to be filled and complemented by your partner if not, both of you are incompatible. 

Don't be biased to think that compatibility in relationships is only when two partners have similarities. That's a very big error and most of us fall into it. Compatibility is also when the two partners share different traits that are incomprehensibly contrasting. It even works more effectively when the two partners understand them.

You  love music and your partner doesn't?,live with it and go on.(Who knows the future?). 

She might have a contrasting opinion from yours always?, understand and also consider it. Life goes on.

He loves football so much more than movies and so? Why try to impose him to love what you love? 

Why stop him from achieving his personal goals because it doesn't soothe your taste in a man? Are you his Creator?

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Actually, it's very incomprehensible how little things like these cause trouble and separation in relationships. We can only imagine the trend it tends to set if they should continue down the years in any relationship. I bet you that it will surely come to a time when things that could be easily comprehensible by animals would cause quarrels and problems for us humans.

But how can we live with our partners, friends and companions even though we might be contrastingly different from each other?


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