Psychology And Love

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The human psychological make-up simply refers to those factors that aid in motivating human actions and emotions. It is one of the human components which is very crucial in our day-to-day relationships with our fellow human beings.

The psychological makeup of Man and Woman is influenced by their individual innate characteristics. This occurs in a variety of ways. When faced with obstacles, and especially in LOVE, their innate traits influence their acts in distinct ways. Knowing and accepting this fact alone can produce the best harmony which one seeks in every relationship.

This is where Ergonomics becomes a very important knowledge.

But what's Ergonomics?

It's simply the study of the interactions of mankind with respect to their characteristics and natural features.

But then,these human interactions are investigated from two perspectives:

  • 1.The physical features

  • 2. The psychological aspects

NB: These two aspects also work together in an interwoven manner

The Physical Factor

The physical part is concerned with the reasons for human behaviors and reactions in response to the stimulation of their sense organs (eyes,nose,skin, tongue etc).

These natural human sense organs have a significant impact on how we act, react, and respond to our surroundings as well as to our fellow humans.

Touch and sensory signals are picked up by the skin, which determines the response of the individual being touched.

The eyes pick up images in the form of signals and impact the response of the person who sees them, causing them to act in accordance to what they have seen.

The list of influences that result from this is practically limitless.

The Psychological Aspect

The psychological aspect is influenced by a variety of factors such as culture, family background, gender, and so on.

Culture, for example, has an impact on a person's psychological makeup. It accomplishes this through altering a person's behavior based on the culture into which he or she was born.

As we all know, culture varies greatly around the world, which means that something in one culture may have a completely different meaning in another.

How we act, react, and respond to our fellow humans always come into play.

For example, a thumbs up gesture, which has a positive connotation of encouragement in most cultures, could also be interpreted as a type of hand gesticulation in another culture when someone is giving a speech.

Other factors, such as greetings, names, and so on, vary greatly throughout cultures.

However, there is an intriguing feature that has a broad impact on people's psychological makeup.

This is definitely the GENDER factor. This factor has an impact on how men and women behave based on their own psychological makeup. The gender aspect generalizes this in terms of human bodily sense and behavior.

The Psychology Of Man

The psychological make-up of a man is a combination of his inherent characteristics (sex drive, energy, strength, and so on) and his body structure (muscular body,tough skin and sexual organ).

All of these paints a picture of Man as a being overburdened with strength, force, and energy.

Man desires to expend and exercise the extra physical amounts of power, energy, and force that are stored within him in nature.

This is why males are referred to as "Natural Givers," because all they do is spend, donate, and exercise the extra physical quantities that have accumulated within them (This is their natural psychological tendency).

These excesses are expended or exercised in scholarly endeavours, arduous labour, combat, authority, politics, and, most importantly,in LOVE.

Men In Love

When it comes to love, it's self-evident that when a man sincerely loves, he's willing to give himself up even to death (confer the case of Jesus Christ and other heroic men like Him).

This is visible in the family, where men would go to any length to keep their families alive, even if it involves death.

NB: The flaws of irresponsible men who don't sincerely love and care for their families are not addressed in this text.

This can also be seen in romantic relationships, where men who truly love their spouses are constantly willing to give, sacrifice, and pour themselves out in the form of emotions, presents, and any other means available, even at the risk of their own life.

They also demonstrate this in their infidelity in marriage, despite the fact that they are polygamous by nature. But, aside from the fact that they're drawn to what they see, this also explains their polygamous character, because they tend to go around offering love and care to anyone they want, regardless of the repercussions (which is downright silly).

This explains why males are more LIBERAL than conservative, and it shows in everything they do.

Men In Sex

This is clearly seen in intercourse (obviously in the modification of their sexual organ, the penis).

They're left with the task of providing pleasure through stroking, foreplay, thrusting, and finally, donating a piece of themselves in the form of sperm and semen, which they release to meet the women's ovary for fertilization and birthing.

The Psychology Of Women

Woman's psychological make-up is influenced by her natural characteristics (fragility, sensitivity, meekness, modesty, and loveliness) as well as her body morphology (sensual body,soft skins, sonorous voice etc).

All of these represent a woman as a person who deserves to be cared for, loved, and protected ( Little wonder she needs a man).

This is visible in the way she seeks intimacy and yearns for emotions. Most women's greatest desire appears to be to find love and affection. This in no way diminishes the goal-oriented mentality of some women.

Women In Love

In fact, the lady in love is responsive. She is reliant on the male for affection, care, love, and security. This is why they are referred to as "Natural Receivers." This is their innate psychological default. They take what is given to them and make something new out of it by multiplying it. They're also known as "love multipliers." This is what distinguishes them as CONSERVATIVES rather than liberals.

This is because when they receive something, they hold on to it and then make something out of it (Productivity requires that you have to conserve what you recieved)

Women In Sex

The receptive aspect of women can be demonstrated in sex as well. For sex to occur, they must receive a penis due to the adaption of their sex organ, the vagina.

Their ovaries have also been entrusted with the task of receiving sperm for conception. They collect everything and then multiply it by having a child.


All of these ideologies and theories boil down to the similarities and differences in nature and love between men and women. This is something that every human being should be aware of in order to have a better love, marriage, and social relationship.

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