Our Lives And BCH In A Sine Wave

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There are basic laws and principles which were created by the all-knowing Creator by default, and He established these basic rules and principles to govern the world. This simply means that these laws and principles apply to everything (both living and non-living). This implies that,the laws and principles are independent of any belief system (be it religion ,occult , tradition or culture)

Gestation, Cause and Effect, Polarity, Manifestation, Transmutation, and so on are examples of the laws and principles which have complete power over everything in time and space, regardless of any region's, tribe's, or race's belief system. This set of ideas doesn't care about who you are.

However, there is a natural fundamental law that is frequently overlooked and that is the "Up and Down " principle. It's also referred to as the "Rise and Fall" principle by some. It's contained in the law of Polarity . The universal forces of levity and gravity are in charge of it.

This law simply describes the flow of life by stating that " everything that goes up must inevitably fall down, and vice versa ". This principle can be demonstrated by combining it with the sinusoidal wave principle (or Sine Wave).

When there is an energy transfer, the sine wave merely depicts the disruption of a medium. A sine wave's energy movement is a wonderful picture of our life's journey.

This is what I refer to as "The Sine Wave Implication Of Life."

(NB: Sine wave is a type of wave.)

This law is very important in our daily activities as it controls basically all our activities ranging from crypto trading,stock trading and the global financial market. If we critically look at the technical analysis of Bitcoin, BCH and other cryptocurrencies, we'll definitely see that this law has been controlling it from day one

Screenshot from Coingecko app

A mere look at the charts of stocks and bonds market will obviously explain how important this law is in our financial sector and how invaluable the knowledge of this law becomes.

Gold stocks chart history

BCH And Sine Wave

BCH as we already know was a hard fork from Bitcoin. Ever since it's launch,it has been having a series of up and down movement having its all time high (ATH) at $600 in January 2021 and lowest price at $76 in December 2018. All these high and low movements were fundamentally controlled by this Sine Wave principle

Screenshot from Coingecko app

You can quickly take a look at its movement right from it launch 👇

Screenshot from Statista.com

This principle can also be used to adequately explain our lives' journeys on this imperfect sphere known as Earth. It employs crests, troughs, wave velocity, frequency, and other characteristics to explain the various facets of our life's journey.

Human Life And Sine Wave

When humans are born, their lives begin at the beginning and progress in a wavelike pattern. Babbling, crawling, toddling, staggering, walking, talking, and finally running are all stages of childhood development.

All of this occurs as they progress up the life's sine wave curve. They keep moving forward with determination. A wave's velocity is represented by this. As they approach the peak of the wave curve, their hard work and God's grace offer the crucial acceleration. This ascending trip is known as " The Rise."

They reach the apex of this curve after a given amount of time. They have achieved their life's objectives and goals at this time.

(NB:A sine wave's CREST is represented by this point.)

They retain this height for a set period of time (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) by putting in consistent effort, after which they inevitably begin to fall . This is because after holding on for a long time (maybe because monopoly kills interest), we sometimes decide to relax and let our guards down for a little while.

As a result, we succumb to catching cruise and affection in an attempt to see what life has to offer on the other side

Whenever we do something like this, there are immediate consequences.

You give up your ideals and values, and as a result, you lose your value.

You become vulnerable to the devil's hardships, mental attacks, and temptations (of course because you laid your guard down)

(NB: Consistency here represents the frequency of a sine wave).

This downward trend could also be the result of a blunder, accident, tragedy,or inevitable fate

Unfavorably, they continue on their " Fall " adventure until they reach the lowest point conceivable.

(NB: A sine wave's lowest possible height is known as the TROUGH).

This is the most difficult and trying time in a person's life. Some people don't make it, while others simply give up and concede defeat. Few people accept responsibility for their failures, while others accuse and blame others.

But, among these various cults and groups, a selected minority accept responsibility for their failures, learn from them, and decide to reclaim their lives. They give in to hard effort and personal development at this point, exercising prudence and avoiding the same mistakes they did previously.

But how does this happen?

Have you considered how there's always a desire for a second slice of cake after the first taste of the cake?

This is what ignites the second journey to the top. They rush forward with newfound vigour . They're more fueled and motivated by a want to achieve success since they know how it feels after having tasted the cake of success before

Fortunately, they reach a new climax after putting in all of the necessary work. This climax, however, is always higher than the first. This i This was due to the human being's tremendous willpower and desire for success.

In a word, all of these rising and falling movements continue until the person dies.

However, life goes on.But then most of the time, the decisions, acts, and inactions that a human being makes regulate the rise and fall motions of our existence.

(NB:Even Angels can be affected by this)

For us to at least try to maintain balance,we have to fight aggressively to be consistent. This is how the saints and the heroes made it.

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