Our Brains Are Useless

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Human beings have found alot of difficulties in trying to comprehend the anatomy of a human brain. It's something so complex and complicated that studying it for a lifetime wouldn't be enough to properly comprehend it.

Similarly, even the carriers (humans) virtually have no idea what the human brain is capable of . We don't always grasp what's going on in our heads and minds. We simply do what it tells us to do, even if we have no idea how to do it.

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According to several research, the brain (although some claim that it is the heart) is the control center of the human body. The brain, on the other hand, is in charge of all bodily actions. This is why every artery and vein in the body is connected to the brain in some way. Because every activity is reported back to it as it authorizes them. This is actually the case.

Facts to Ponder

The brain is one of the organs with the highest memory capacity, which is an interesting fact. It has a memory capacity of over 74 terabytes.

This is substantially larger than most, if not all, computer systems or devices. This is why it can remember a series of events that took place many years ago.

The most fascinating thing about the brain is that it is identical at birth in every human being. Gray matter, memory capacity, and other components of our brains are all the same (although there are exceptions for those born with a brain or neural disorder)

This may be seen in the prefrontal cortex, which has a consistent molecular architecture despite our variances in DNA and ethnicity, according to National Institutes of Health (NIH) experts.

This simply means that my brain and yours have the same amount of memory capacity and the greater tendency is also that they will also have the same ability

Neurology : image from unsplash.com

The brain possesses 100 billion neurons at birth, which are responsible for sending messages to the brain. There are synapses between each of these neurons. There are at least 125 trillion synapses in the cerebral cortex. A single synapse can hold around 4.7 bits of data. All of these factors contribute to the human brain's memory ability.

All of these simply implies that we are similar but distinct. Our brain's uniqueness is influenced by a variety of elements, including our family background, temperament, DNA, upbringing, society, ethnicity, and life obstacles. All of these things have an impact on the brain and how it develops as one grows older.

This has a great impact on our life choices and decisions, as well as how much we use our brain.


Let's look at the productivity of two people (perhaps guys) who have distinct behaviors and temperaments when they're individually given an identical task. Lets also assume one has a nonchalant-fun-oriented attitude (Sanguine, perhaps) while the other is a serious-minded goal-oriented individual ( Choleric I guess).

The first person's performance would undoubtedly be influenced by his disposition. He will most likely complete the assignment in longer time and with less dedication. This is because his inclination to nonchalance and unserious attitude will certainly influence his performance. He might choose to take the task for granted.

The other guy would complete the assignment in half the time and with greater dedication. Their output would likewise be drastically different.

The Greatest Mind That Ever Existed

The genius Albert Einstein's brain was stolen just hours after he died.

Those who took it away wanted to examine the mind of such a brilliant man who had ever walked the globe. This was done to determine whether he was truly human or not.

Various scientists like Falkes, Harvey, and others conducted countless investigations on the brain and discovered a a lot of mysteries.

Others claimed he had extra brain cells (galia cells), that he utilised more than 13 percent of his brain (rather than the standard 10%), and that he had other abnormalities. None of them, however, were specific and certain.

Other famous people who have had their brains studied after death include Guass (the math genius), Vladimir Lenin, and others. However, none of them produced a novel precise pattern that was different from previous findings. Albert Einstein's is the greatest mind that has ever been in existence

The Big Picture

The human brain is now an inexhaustible puzzle that outperforms and mesmerizes the human mind (Only God can understand it).

The Most Amazing Fact is that we only use about 6% of our brain capacity. According to scientific evidence, the maximum a human can utilise is only 10% of one hundred. This is to categorically say that we don't put our brains to much use in this life.

Permit me to ask this pertinent question;


Put your brain to use now!!

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