Money : The Root Of All Evil. What Is The Root Of All Good?

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Why do people indulge themselves in all kinds of criminal and evil activities? Is it actually because they want to make money?

The answer will always be " NO" .

I will tell you why in this post.

Every evil act is performed for basically two reasons; to acquire money,live a luxurious life and be famous or for the mere sake of hatred and wickedness.

We can make a long list of all the evil acts that has ever been committed by human beings. A critical analysis of all these evil acts will reveal to you that money always finds a way to show its beautiful face in the picture (either at the beginning or at the far end). That's why it's said that " That the love of Money is the root of all evil ".

But then, does this mean that money is evil? πŸ€”

One would be a fool to believe that. Money is actually the root of evil but it is not evil itself. This means that money is not intrinsically evil or simply put : evil is not built inside money.

But what about the good acts? What is at the root of all good? Just read on. You will get to find out.

But what then is money?

Apart from the economic definition of money as a legal tender, money is simply a humble servant which serves its master with all willingness . It serves the rich and the poor alike by providing luxury to the former and giving food to the latter.

Money respects its master not minding the age, race, height or social status. Its master here is anyone in possession of it ( no matter the amount).

If the master says " GO " , it goes without objection. This is why everyone wants to acquire this most humble servant called money. (Little wonder, the Holy Book said " money answereth all things")

It's also because of all these characteristics that money became the root of all evil. It serves whoever holds it ; criminal or saint. It serves the greed and wickedness of the criminal while serving the goodwill and kindness of the saint.

NB : Hatred is actually one of the core roots of evil. (Let that sink in )

Most grievous crimes of history have been committed through the service money rendered to its cruel and wicked masters.

Hitler spent almost $19 billion dollars to perpetrate the evil of the Second World War.

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Al Qaeda have spent billions of dollars to spread evil and wickedness all over the world. Most terrorist organisations like Boko Haram are being secretly financed with the humble servant, money.

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However,on the flip side of money (that's if you turn to the other side of the coinπŸ˜‰), you will see how money has humbly served the good masters. I can bet you that it loves these good masters so much. This is because of the way money looks so good and adorable in their hands.

If you also make a long list of all the good acts that have ever been performed by human beings, you will definitely see money posing with a beautiful smile in the picture.

Most of the good works performed by good men today are performed through the service of money.

Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum CEO) has always made donations ranging from $5million - $1billion to charity. He did this spreading love and goodness all over the world. The list of all the good works that has been done with money is actually endless.

Can we then say that money is the root of all good things?

(just as it is the root of all evil? πŸ€”)

Hell " NO " ( in as much as it appears so). It only helps as a servant.

What then is the root of all good?

Love! The greatest of all virtues.

Love is undisputably at the root of all good things that has ever existed. This is because every good work springs up from the abyss of love to do good for the sake of love and its consequences.

This love can be the love of self or the love of the neighbour to whom the good is being done to (that's the recipient).

One can perform a good act or work for basically two reasons; either to gain glory, happiness, peace and blessings or to help offer a solution to the pressing need of people. The first reason represents the love of self (which is just good) and the second reason represents the love of neighbour(which is the greatest of all good).

These two factors of love can't exist without the other. They come together to form a perfect form of love. Love of self is perfected in the love for neighbour. Too much existence of any of the factors ruins the perfection. They must be balanced.

Nevertheless,one can also perform good works for the end goal of acquiring money. But in the end ,he/she is doing that good for the sake of self-love and that's what we are talking about. Love is still at the root.

What then is love?

GOD is LOVE! Mics off !πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈ

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