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Difficult times and magical places.

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4 months ago

Probably the whole world is permanently living moments a little out of place, the fact of having to get used to it and not only that learning to live by new rules makes everything a little more difficult.

Uncertainty and anxiety play a fundamental role in human beings at this time. Lack of money and little work. It has made everything that looked rosy show its true face.

Not conforming, society has always had a hard time getting used to changes. And more to some so abrupt, spending their days confined like a "mouse in a box" has many thinking that it is better to go out and perish in the attempt than to stay hand in hand seeing what happens and what really happens is our life .

Those people who take the time to read this post, do not despair this is not the end and it will not be the last bad moment. Probably many more will come and we must be preparing physically and especially mentally.

From experiences we have learned all these years. And if something has given us the logic, it is that behind each question mark (?) There is an answer. And this must be clear and forceful.

From bad times you must learn to be as patient as the Snail, to persevere like the dawn of each day. And to allow ourselves to continue dreaming in magical places

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Written by   2
4 months ago
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