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Cook Protocol Secure, Safe And Transparent

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The world is moving from traditional mode of banking to the new technology banking system which is known as digital currency. The digital currency has seen a huge investor all around the world and this shows how acceptable it is becoming throughout the whole world. This is because of its ability which is far batter and improved than the traditional banking system as transaction is process within a second, it is fast, reliable, secured and even more efficient. These are few of the many benefits which digital assets investors enjoy. However, many of these assets have various weaknesses and strengths, COOK PROTOCOL is able to identify these weaknesses and strengths and make use of it in other to make digital assets accessible by all and take it to the next level.


DeFi which emanates from blockchain has see a huge rise in recent times. This is because of it’s features which are unique and gives investor wide range of opportunities to multiply their asset. Defi Is know for its optimum security as its security is derived from blockchain technology. Its security cannot be easily bridge unlike centralized finance, this is because all its activities are completely independent on any team, body or organization. Many projects team have preferred to be a member of this system and their are many projects which are successful while some are also unsuccessful because of reasons which ranges from team inexperience, lack of focus, fund misappropriation and many other reasons. COOK PROTOCOL is able to analyse projects which falls under these categories (successful and unsuccessful) and use their strength and weakness to its advantage in other to give its users and investors an edge over all other projects.


This is a platform which specialize in asset management through blockchain technology.  The platform which is known for its safety,  security and transparency have a competent team members which many years of experience in their field and blockchain technology.

COOK PROTOCOL offers a platform which helps with individual or organisation asset/fund management in a manner which is considered to be secured, transparent and the best. The platform which supports ethereum blockchain for its uses allows Individual to monitor his fund (manager’s fund allocation) as the data is constantly available and individual don’t need to worry about fund misappropriation or any foul play. At the same time, fund managers can leverage Cook Protocol to gain access to investors and carry out virtually any investment strategy without having to opensource the strategy.

The platform which supports active or passive fund management through whitelisted Defines protocol is unique among the rest as it supports a maximum reward for all platform users.  This mea Hins for each investment fund, a unique ERC-20 token – proportional to their contribution to the fund – is issued to investors. Investors can divest the tokens any time in exchange for the equivalent underlying asset.


The platform which is considered transparent, safe, open and secured protocol provides it’s investors a great and wide choice of trustworthy investments while also augmenting fund manager’s trading capabilities

HOW “Cook Protocol” WORKS

A smart contract can be set up by the find manager, he can also configure the strategy to be used for investment and management fee. And individual or a body can also be partial owner of the fund by depositing a specific amount into a smart contract and receive an amount which is corresponding to a specific amount of ckTokens


This is a token whose usefulness is within the ecosystem, its an ethereum based token (erc-20) which symbolized the ownership of an investment in the ecosystem. The token can be redeem and be traded by the owner at any time of his/her choice.


1. Individual or body have a complete access to secured, transparent and good asset management irrespective of level of experience in cryptocurrency

2. Fund can be created and configured by the fund manager in such a way that investors can be attracted and execute investment strategy on the platform.

3. The security of investors assets are guarantee thru the smart contract which enables transparency and only the fund manager have access to the assets.


1. COOK is a governance token which enables holders to make tangible decisions concerning the platform.

2. Holders will be able to remove or add a particular protocol to the protocol level whitelist through voting.

3. Fee charged can be increased or decrease on the platform by the holders of the token.

4. Holders will be able to propose a new system and modification to the existing governance model if they are not satisfied.

5. The platform evaluate investors investment fund using price oracle. However this could be changed or updated by holders if COOK token through votingew features can be added to the platform through voting by holders

6. features can be added to the platform through voting by holders


The sum of 10, 000, 000, 000 COOK tokens will be minted at genesis. The COOK token allocation is as following:

The sum of 6 billion COOK which is equivalent to 60% of the total allocation is reserved in community treasury with 6 years vesting schedule and will serves as reward for miners while 10% Is reserved for airdrop purpose. 10% is reserved for early adopters of the token and 100% will be rewarded for marketers of the token for publicity and awareness. For the team 10% Is reserved for the team behind the project which will be released on a time based schedule to be after a 90-day cliff.


Roadmap is important to every project. It determine how achievable a project is and how realistic it is as well. The COOK PROTOCOL ROADMAP is designed is a less complex yet realistic and achievable manner by the team which are know for their vibrancy, intelligence and numerous years of experience.


Behind every successful project is team which are dedicated, focus and experience. The COOK PROTOCOL team have all these qualities and this has helped the project in a great way. The team which comprises of technical and nontechnical team members are set of vibrant, intelligent and highly dedicated whose experience in their field is wide and incomparable


Many project are in existence but none of these project shows the greatness which COOK PROTOCOL project have shown, the project is managed by a team with set of people (bot technical members and non technical members of the team) which are highly experienced in their field and are constantly helping the project. This is a great opportunity for investors to join the community by investing through purchasing the Token and never regret.

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