University wisdom

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We gratefully acknowledge all who, at one time or another, contributed throughts, ideas, words and critical comments that have enriched this work.

In particular, we thank president vicente hao chin, jr. Of the theosophical society of the Philippines, prof raj mansukhani of De La Salle University, Dr. Mark Anson Yupitun from bond University ( Australia).

Prof. Venerando caguisano of the University of the Philippines and gynecologist Dr. Imelda Lim. As we have not always followed their sage counsel, whatever shortcomings in this work are ours alone.

We thank the universal wisdom publications committee members who labored long and hard in bringing this project to fruition, including josefa reyes, Jeanette bucao, Wu Wen Quan, Elizabeth Yu, Luisa Lamoste, clover ronduen, shiela casis, and tje baguio buddhist temple. A special thanks is also give to Dr. Dante Simbulan, Jr. From the De La Salle University.

We also thank computer graphics. Inc. For their invaluable support. To those who have helped us in completing this book, we may not be able to include your names here, but we would like to extend our gratitude for journeying with us along the path of making this project possible.

Finally we are very grateful to the corporate body of their long support though tje years and providing thousands of Dharma for free distribution to the Philippines public.

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