Two Sash

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Im lost. Im lost. It's just been repeated in my brain because I'm right now in the middle of a place I don't know where. I don't even want to ask questions because they might say I'm crazy. Why am I here? Because I was looking for a school. Whose school? Daughter outside of the person I care about. Who is that person? My father.

Only in college did I find out that my dad cheated when I was in high school. That error has come to fruition so I'm here now and I have no idea where, to correct that mistake. I'll go to the bastard or bastard son to say 'don't expect my dad to choose them over our family. I would tell her to go away and not feel bad for our family. When he was younger, he knew better where to go.

"Miss, miss, can you please help?" the boy said pulling my skirt.

She was a bit fat. In pigtails, the two cheeks have dimples and the two are pressed forward. It was Monday so it was obvious he was going to their school, wearing his white blouse and blue shirt. I left school early so my parents wouldn't have to worry about where I was going.

"What can I do for you kid?" I replied.

“Chuchay, my name is chuchay. You miss it? ”

“Mayumi. What can I do? ” once again.

"Uhmmm, because I forgot how to tie my shoes ... can I help?"

Immediately, I jumped in to tie the socks of her shoes, the socks of her two shoes, so that she could leave. When the sash was finished, I immediately stood up and waited for her to leave .. but she didn't leave. He was still facing me, eyes wide and shining as if waiting.

“Chuchay, I tied it to your shoes. Do you still have problems? Because if you ask for more money, I have no money here. ”

"" Not Miss Mayumi. Because my mom said I should reward good deeds to the person who helped me but not everyone, maybe because someone else is bad, you look like a good person. What do you want to miss? "

This kid's skin too. What kind of favor do I wish for the older I get, the more I know things. My sign is to ask for more favor with a child. But the skin eh, I know.

"Can you teach me where Marillac Elementary School is?"

"Oh really? There I go to school. I'll just meet you there miss. Hmmm, are you missing something? You haven't asked people here before. My mother says, the wise man asks. Another favor. ”

Not only is he nosy, he's still talkative.

“Your mother says so much. Why two favors? ”

“Two favors for two sash” he smiled.

“Is that so? I have no idea yet, can it be later? ”

"No problem, miss" he posed as if he were saluting and reaching for the smile so that his fat cheeks were visible.

It seems like I want to smile but I remember exactly what I went to. He started to walk in one direction so I followed him immediately.

"Miss Mayumi, do you know how happy I am today?" she said with a smile.

"You're good and happy."

"Ask me why." he ordered it as if it were a crime if I did not ask him.


“I am so happy that my dad has visited me! I always waited for him, I always prayed to Pope Jesus for him to come back to me, and I heard my prayer. It's fun right? You? What makes you happy? "

What makes you happy now? I do not know. I can not think of anything. I didn't answer, but he didn't seem to force me to answer his question.

"Do you know, when he visited me, he brought me flowers daisies because he is my favorite so my favorite daisies now."

Happy birthday dad! I have a gift for you!

What's that dirty?

Daisies po!

Hahah. Where did they come from?

It was at Aling Telay's garden. Taken, I because I have no money.

Hahaha. You're really a kid. My son is happy, but don't you ever steal again? hahah

Yes daddy.

From now on, even though it doesn't matter to men, my favorite is the daisies. hahah

“Miss mayumi, miss mayumi, are you okay? It looks like you're talking about dengue.

"I'm fine, just remembered." I promise.

“Then, did you know just last week, I was in tears, so I was crying, you know, my size, still crying. Hahah. So my dad told me a joke to live with. Miss, who is the chinese King of Pop, chinese ha. heheh. ”

Tay, it's your newspaper, listen to me first.

Why Mayumi? what do you want to say?

I have a joke I got with my classmate, it's just funny.

Who is the chinese famous basketball player, space jam star, and always the star of the Chicago bulls?

Uhmmm, Michael Jordan?

Chinese po. heheh

Hahah. The difficulty of questioning children.

Michael Jord Ang, hahaha. eh who's the chinese King of Pop, chinese ha.

"Michael Jacks Ong?"

“I miss you. How do you know? Hahah. You know, that joke really hit me. We are also close to my school because I see our park here. Don't worry, I recommend this place. When my dad visited, he taught me different ways to keep me from getting lost. He didn't want to lose me, he was too nervous. That's how much my dad loves me. ”

Mayumi !!! Mayumi !!! Where are you?!

“Dad! huhuh. Daddy!

Mayumi! You're just a kid, I'm really scared.

Dad, don't you leave me alone? huhuh

No more children. No longer..

“Miss Mayumi, have you always been like that? Always quiet? Maybe you have a salty mouth? Maybe your brother is always bored with you ”

"I don't have a brother."

“Me too, I wish I had my sister or sister for fun. But no, it's not because mom can't work, because mom is working late. At work, it seems dad and mom met. They don't have to meet anymore so I just came out of this world, and boy, does daddy need to? So my dad came back. ”

"Do you really love my mom?"

“Of course, it was so hard, sometimes he was so tired of his job that he couldn't even bring me to school. I study hard because I want to grow up, not to work at all. I really want to learn for my mom, but do you know what I learned when my dad came home? ”

"What did you learn Chuchay?"

“I learned that when you pray, and that you do not pray, it does not mean that it is not for you or that a better blessing is coming. Kaw miss? What did you learn? ” she asked with a smile on her lips.

“One mistake cannot be corrected by another. I also learned that I do not force change on others, but on my own. ”

He had a headache.

"Uhmm, what do you mean miss?" she asked innocently.

“Nothing. hahah. Is that your school? "

"Yes, that's it, let's go!"

"It's changed my mind."

"Eh, how about another favor?"

"I thought I was in favor, could you, at our next meeting, call me an sister?"

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i love how written it i love how you imagine this kind of story to tell us all i can say is your a great story teller sir

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I like your article,!!!

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