The sapphine and the elves

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There is a shovel of hard work and only material for a pair of shoes. One night he cut and prepared the materials for the morning shoe.

What a shock he was when he started laughing in the morning when the shoes were ready to go! He quickly sold shoes and bought materials for two pairs.

It has been redefined for future use. When he woke up in the morning he saw that two pairs of shoes were ready.

He was able to sell the shoes easily and he bought them again for four pairs. She prepares it again for the table for breakfast.

The same thing happened again, as if someone were helping him make the shoes. Later, with the help of mysterious nocturnal poets, the life of the shoemaker was restored.

“Who can help me,” she asked her husband.

“Who is it? Do you want us to go to bed later and find out who he is? ” female offer.

That's what the couple did that night. They hid behind a thick curtain to see what was going on at night. At twelve o'clock, two dwarves entered the window.

It was constantly on the table and started working right away. They still sing and dance as if they had fun doing it. They could easily finish the shoes and they would quickly jump out the window.

"It's pretty elf!" said the woman. "For the girls, what?"

"Yes. How can we thank them? They don't want to appear in person. ”

“Let it go. I'm going to sew them up with trousers and toys and we'll just leave the table at night. ”

Two pairs of small trousers and two tops were sewn by the girl for helpful elbows. They laid it on the table that night and hid themselves behind the curtain.

The little shoemakers were thrilled to see the clothes because they had guessed it was for them. They wore them and danced with joy.

After they had the shoes ready for action, they quickly jumped out the window wearing new clothes.

Since then the two elves have never returned but luckily the lives of married couples who have learned to repay their debt have continued.

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wow great story author i love stories related to elves

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