The place forever

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The Place Forever

Written by Ms. Necang from Facebook

One afternoon on a Friday afternoon, a man was standing opposite the church and seemed to think deeply. Suddenly a woman hit him, with the force of a collision they both sat on the floor. Immediately the man stood up and stood her. When the woman stood up, she immediately apologized to the man. But the man had no reaction so the woman introduced himself.

“I'm Audrey. Ah ... You know because I'm in a hurry now. But is it something that hurts you or something? ”

"Ah ... Nothing," replied the man but his face still had no reaction.

"Are you sure? Sorry that ha !? I really didn't mean it, ”Audrey said with obvious concern. The man just nodded but his face still didn't react. Audrey left as she remembered that she had not asked the name of the man.

“Ah! What is your name? ” the man's forehead was very bad.

"I'm Terrence," he said, but you were surprised. Audrey smiled and said goodbye to Terrence.

Monday afternoon Audrey rushed to school. As soon as she entered, she immediately went to the library. When he got there he saw a familiar man. She approached it and looked closely and remembered that it was Terrence. She wanted to talk to him, but she knew that he had done so much so that he didn't even bother. Audrey sat next to the guard of the library.

Later, Audrey notices Terrence that it doesn't seem right how he will bring so many books so he plans to help. Audrey approaches Terrence,

"I'll help you" she said with a smile.

"I can't do it anymore, thank you." Terrence refuses Audrey's offer.

But Audrey still insisted that Terrence had done nothing, he just let Audrey go. From then on they were always together in the school, until the two fell into each other.

In the unlikely event Audrey slips in and she feels for Terrence, but Terrence seems to hear nothing and immediately changes their conversation.

Audrey was surprised by what Terrence had done but only thought it was better than avoiding her. The next day, Audrey wonders why Terrence's shadow is gone, and he thinks that something may have been taken care of.

A week passed but Terrence was still not attending.

Almost all of its teachers are looking for him as well as people who know him. Audrey was more worried because Terrence had been absent for almost three weeks so it was better to ask questions but she only replied, "I don't know".

Until a student came up to her and told her where Terrence lived. Audrey was immediately grateful and went to the place. Audrey was surprised to find no one answering Terrence's house. Fortunately Terrence's neighbor came out, "There's no one there" to inform Audrey.

“Ah… Is that so !? Is that how people are here? ” Audrey's surprise question.

"Hey, who are you thinking about?" Asking the neighbor.

"Terrence," Audrey replied.

“Ah! Terrence are you guys !? She is in the hospital today I hear the condition is serious. Poor boy is that good, "the neighbor revealed.

Audrey immediately left and went to the hospital where Terrence was. When Audrey got to where Terrence's room was, people seemed to be crying. When Audrey opened the door she wondered if there were no patients lying there, just people crying.

An elderly woman asked him, "Are you my daughter's Audrey?"

“Yes, I'm Audrey.” Audrey agreed with the woman.

She immediately embraced him and said, “I am her mother, she is currently missing and we cannot find her. Help us, we will remember her. We don't know what to do, she's still sick. ” The woman moaned.

"What's so bad about Terrence?" Audrey's questioning was now moaning as well.

The woman left the hug, “Terrence has a heart attack. He has a hole in his heart, and we do not know that the hole in his heart grows bigger. We just found out and he should be open for surgery but he is missing. ” The woman's moaning grew louder.

Audrey was just shocked by what she heard. Today she is still mad and unknowingly takes her to the church where Terrence met her. He entered the church and was shocked to find Terrence sitting near the altar.

She approached it and tin

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Audrey was just shocked by what she heard. Today she is still mad and unknowingly takes her to the church where Terrence met her. He entered the church and was shocked to find Terrence sitting near the altar. honestly i get the story.... im sorry

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