The only witness

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The surroundings were red and the silence was deafening. It's very different from the noise and excitement before.

Excessive speed of events. Suddenly he picked me up from the table. She held me tight. And with her trembling hand she brought me strength to her estranged husband.

It's hot. I could feel the bleeding from the victim's back. Slowly kneeling down to the floor, she lay on the floor. Her eyes were wide and her lips were covered. The shock of his face was a powerful sign.

"You will never hurt me again ... you will never hurt me ..."

She closed her eyes tightly and the trembling of her palms was gone. He approached his dying wife.

"Help me ... don't die ..."

But she seems deaf to her plea. He lifted me up into the air and pushed his wife's body again. In the chest… in the neck… in the stomach. Repeat until the floor is damp with red liquid. Until then he was almost bathed in blood.

Let the victim's breathing be shortened. Page by page… fade out.

A smile spread over the woman's lips. He still held me tightly as his other hand caressed his wife's pale face. I noticed tears forming in her eyes.

“Dear, we will begin again. Even if we fail here, I'll make sure we get along well again… ”

I was surprised when he raised me again in the air. And for a moment he pushed me back. I thought it was his wife's body but ... but no. This time he was feeding me his own chest, right in his heart. He even managed to pull me down before he finally collapsed and lost his life on his wife's body.

It is done.

I could hear the cries of the police sirens. There are approaching hurryers. There were cries of tears. Click the camera in succession. Authorities are gathering evidence but besides me, who else can explain this tragic event? #

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im sorry but i cant explain the explain this tragic event? maybe ill be wrong

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