The Missing Princess

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The princess goes missing every night but no one can tell where she is going. The king had announced that anyone who taught where the child was staying every night would be given half the kingdom and, if young, would marry the princess. But, if the security guard fails, he or she will be beheaded.

Many tried to venture not only because of the wealth but because of the princess's beauty. All of them failed. Still no one can say why the princess was missing at midnight.

In the middle of the jungle near the palace, there is an easy dwelling of an old witch. One day the young man came to visit the man he loved because he often helped him.

Now, the young man is asking for his help. "The princess is really nice so please help me succeed."

The old man gave him a cloak that when he laid on his shoulders he would not be seen by anyone. The old man blessed him and advised him to be careful before saying goodbye.

That night, he was outside the princess's room and ready to watch. Suddenly the door opened and the beautiful young lady opened her eyes.

There was a glass of her hand that he threw at the princess to a planter. The leaves of the plant immediately fell.

Pretending to be asleep, the young man was caused by a drunken drink. When she felt the princess leave the room, she put on her magic robe and followed it. There is a secret door leading to this palace.

The princess rode in a waiting carriage. 'He didn't know he was with the young man because he couldn't see it.

The carriage traveled to a remote jungle. In the midst of the bushes it stopped and the princess came down. He danced with the crowds gathered there and cheered.

Behind a tree, the young man removed his robe and put on a mask.

She approached the princess and they danced. They danced and danced until the girl got tired and almost broke the shoes.

The young man again wore the cloak as the carriage was leaving and they returned to the palace.

"Can you tell why the princess is missing at midnight?" asked the king when the young man faced him in the morning.

“Yes, my dear King! He dances with the guitars in the jungle every night. This is the fact. This is almost the shoe boot I took to his crib after he danced. ”

The king summoned the princess and could not deny the fact that the father had revealed the truth.

The princess was still planning to marry the young man, but when she put on the mask, she recognized the fun that had taken place last night.

The band played and the young man cheerfully invited them to dance with a princess who was happy to hug her

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w0w what ending that was amazing even me i cant belive. it would be posible on real life?

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