Teach the truth

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It also prescribes a concrete remedy though the noble eightfold path.

Buddhism aims to teach the truth of the human situation it will not sugarcoat realities to make it easy to accept. This is one of the fascinating teaching of buddhism seeing things as they really are. One mey wonder of all the topics fo a book why emphasize on the reality of death? This is because the way we perceive death affects the way we live our life. This book hower, does not focus on the topic of death alone but also on how to live our lives in preparation for a pleasant if not happy death in. Buddhism, all phases of life birth childhood, adulthood, old age, and death are of equal importance. In our wold however. Most people make attempts to avoid the stages of old age and death. Buddhism teaches us that old age and death are no different from the other phases of life. They are not to be featured or avoided. But to be faced prepared for even celebrated. Before we were born our parents and families were busy preparing for our arrival in the world

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nice topic it simply say that all we are well be old and die soon that's the truth

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