Story of love

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At eight o'clock in the morning, a glass of milk and a sleeping pillow awoke to my sleeping consciousness. Two hours from now, I have to be up to ten minutes before my final interview time in a few months' work that I have been struggling to get.

It was too late when I heard my cellphone alarm as a reminder of what I had to do today. It's funny that I even defined the date of the calendar day. To this day, we have been together for five years. My head hurts. Five years ... it's been five years since we separated. I thought it would only be a matter of time for all the pain in my heart to stop.

"Good morning po ma'am."

"Good morning, please."

Hopefully ... I hope you will be angels and that it will be a good day. Hopefully I can get into the station as a DJ so I can use the course I completed three years ago.

The elevator was just right and open when I stepped into the cold building. But I do not want to run and chase the elevator. I'm still twenty-five minutes ahead of time. I was slowing down my pace when suddenly a familiar man with a large body immediately grabbed my attention. I know him. I can't go wrong. As I liked to see the rest of his face shine, I preferred to chase the elevator. It was about to close when one hand fell and I entered immediately. I immediately looked up at the man and looked up at his face. I wept and sailed. Shit! What is happening to me?

“Hello?,” Said a cold, familiar voice that stopped my dizziness. My ex-boyfriend's best friend.

I want to fill the air of the story but am I embarrassed? I would say he almost killed his friend since we separated. I want him to pick up my cellphone number and give it to his friend. I want to say that he feels sorry for us. I want her to ask me if I still love that person and say because that person still loves me. I wait for him to say at least some of the questions I want him to ask me.

The elevator rang and the door opened, I was on the seventh floor of the building and had to leave.

I accelerated my pace and at the same time was hurting my head again.

“Go to SM Cubao later. Launching his band's fifth album. He'll be glad to see you there, ”a shouted but weak chuckle.

My whole body almost floated with joy when I heard those words. We all came to my senses but my anticipation for our reunion was over.

Early in the afternoon the interview ended and I decided to go straight to the place the man said. I was wondering, has the man said that before? What if I'm late. What if I couldn't find anything else. As the place approached, my heart rate accelerated. I'm nervous.

Upon arrival, I was met by many people. I'm not late. I still have something. There are few queues for album signing. I opened my eyes in search of the person I went to. Soon my eyes also caught what I was looking for.

She has changed a lot, from the new hairstyle to the new dress except for her demeanor and mannerisms. He was still the man who loved me at first. I did not notice that the tears in my eyes were causing the reason at that time I could not discern.

“First of all I would like to thank all those who attended this very important day in our lives. We love you so much. Again, thank you very much. ”

I don't know how happy I felt when I heard from him the word "dear again". I feel like he's just telling me. As of recently, she was the only person she spoke to personally. It was a good feeling to see her again. All of my resentment toward her disappeared. It was like I went back to our first meeting. The second time, I fell for him.

“Before this event ends, I would like to offer a song to a woman I love dearly. Sometimes I lost this woman and I deeply regret it. I hardly know how and where to start again. He has taught me many good things. Things that complement my life. ”

“I know that things aren't the same. That doesn't mean that I don't wish they were ... you're the one I never knew that I've always wanted. You are my life now ”

My chest almost exploded with all my heart

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My chest almost exploded with all my heart this what exactly happen on me now after reading your article author.

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