My star of love

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"With each passing day we have many unforeseen circumstances.

Because someone is coming up all of a sudden and you have to leave without a word. Isa

that's just the experience of people who truly care about others, have

whether that's a disability or not. But we do not expect some of us to

have to accept all the pain and heartache that comes from the person

he is very dear. However, we do not need to live in the dark and lonely

that world. Do not turn ourselves into one person. "That's one of the worst

line for Lhara coming from a book written by the most well-known and

best writer Raven.

Lhara was just a simple student. Not rich nor poor.

He is a college student and his only desire is to become a good writer

like Raven so that she can now see it in close-ups and dreams

he also really became a writer. For ten years he had a passion for those

Raven wrote had never had the opportunity to see it face to face. And the

Lhara's biggest wonder is why they still don't provide information

journalist because it's just a given name. This seems to be more than a puzzle


He does not know the author very well, but he does have some knowledge

who it really is. All of Raven's books had been read by her so she based them

Lhara on how to emphasize every word Reyvin utters

story he was writing. And by comparing it here, Lhara has come to realize the books

Raven. For Lhara, this character of Raven is a loving person but nothing

receiving love around him. A man who seemed to be very thirsty

love. That's all that runs through Lhara's mind about Reyvin, but it is

based on his own knowledge and based solely on Raven's book.

Lhara had tracked down Raven's stories so she knew where it was

regarding and it almost certainly refers to the different types of people who suffer from

love. But, one day he was surprised that Raven had a new book released immediately.

But he couldn't really imagine that there was anything strange about this story. She was even more surprised

find no letter on the last page of the book that caused her to wonder what

will happen eventually. "This is your chance to end this story. It's on

you know if it will have a happy or sad ending. Think about it

it fits the BEST of my story. "That's the last Lhara read. Not yet

he knew what the end would be. He postponed it first

because he notices that there is no day and time when he does not think about it.

In fact, he did not want to admit to himself that the reason for interrogation

his interest in Raven was due to his deep admiration for it. Raven and her books only

inspired Lhara. Because of his books he has

hope in life because when he was in secondary school he was suffering. Arrive at

It took six months to recover from the accident in which the vehicle was in

their car lost its brakes and collided with a large tree. Strongly earned by

his head was so low that he lost hope that he could read the book again

by Raven. But he overcame this misery and regained his former vitality

and at that time he was as happy as if he had been given a second

life and opportunity for the person he admires Raven.

By now, Lhara had been thinking about how she would look

Raven and where to find it. She could not know for herself how and where it was

located. She had no idea why she was so excited to see it and to meet up

and for a while now he just felt it. He has done everything,

as well as ask for radio station help in various programs

aired on television. But he was frustrated, and neither of them was helpless and struggling

they will seek out information on where he really is and will be found. Ang

other programs are not willing to disclose information even when it is

arrange before them. He also went to the VIVA PSICOM building where they were

is the author of a book of great and famous writers all over the Philippines.

He knew for himself that he was just one of Raven's millions of fans

but we can't blame him

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