Love Story two

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Every night, what kind of love notes do I write everywhere - from my class record to my lecture notes to my bed, my posts with the name "Maria" written.

I wanted to express to Mary how I felt but I didn't know how. I was a little nervous too, besides, I was hesitant because there might be so much to say. I am afraid that my classmates or my co-teachers might say something. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, the difficulty is.


February. Love month. It was February 14 (Valentines Day) on the day Mary was my student. To break the usual scenario in the lecture lecture class, we had an activity. After all, the subject of Health Care is about Caring's activity. They create messages of love and care, and they should give these to people who inspire them in the classroom. Before the dismissal, they had to give up what they did - to my surprise when Maria handed me the heart letter she had made.

“The true measure of love is to love without measure.” - that's what he gave me in the note. I want to be comfortable with those times. I want to cry my heart out… I feel my ears warm. I can not believe. I just sighed. I left their classroom with a huge smile on my face.

When I got out, I found a Valentines booth. I decided to give the flower I sent to Mary. Since I was in a trance, I didn't want to be the only one to reach out to Mary so I ordered an acquaintance. I warned him not to mention me. Fortunately, I agreed with him after promising to release him to Jollibee.

This is in the note I gave him.

Dear Maria,

“The true measure of love is to love without measure.”


I feel like nuh? Of course, he would have thought that I gave because he gave me the same note I had put in my rose, even though anonymous. But of course, I would ask if he would ask. Tanga? Torpe? Crazy? YES.

The next evening, a friend of mine approached me (Cassie, who was not a student). She asked me if I was the one who gave her the flower. Of course, I refused. But eventually, he caught me too. I beg that he does not say that you gave me. She just laughed. I trust Cassie that she has nothing to say. In fact, I even asked her a favor. I asked for Maria's cellphone number. He gave no doubt. All right, solb!

At night, I was planning to pinpoint Mary, but I was getting more and more stupid. It was still a few days before I had the courage to text her.

“Hi, Mary. Is school necessary? ” (message sent).

“Hu u?” (reply Maria). I forgot, I still haven't introduced myself.

“Ay, sori. Sir Rodrigo is. =) ”(Message sent).

“Ay, sir. You're fine. It's okay. " (reply by Maria).

“Ah,'s fine. I hope I don't disturb you… ”(message sent)

No immediate reply. 5 minutes already, not yet. 10.15. Well, I was shocked.

Tooooootoooootooooot. My cellphone sounds.

“Hi sir, sorry, late reply. I'm doing Chem assignments ”. (text by Maria)

Did I say that, I was disturbed. Wrong timing. Of course, I've done nothing, So -

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another hearth touching story nice nice i enjoy reading this.

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