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Armando always thought that mother was too much for him. He often heard "Don't do this," "Don't do that." He feels bad when he hears them.

There was one thing he always wanted to do even when his mother forbade it - to bathe in the river. “The river flowed very fast. You are still small and can carry you, ”the mother always remembers.

But Armando believes he can. He was able to swim because his Tito Manuel taught him. “Mom is really scared,” she said to herself. “The jellyfish probably really swim in the river. It looks like they're in the water. "

So one day, with four kids, they went to the river. They gladly pulled off the shirt and jumped into the water. Enjoy the water. The kids are interesting. A moment later, Armando thought to swim to the front. Gradually he moved.

Suddenly the water flowed and he was blown away, into the deep river. He tries to restrain the body but is unable to cope with the high tide.

"Ben!" he shouted. "Help!"

But those with him didn't swim too well. They have been exposed only to non-biological children. Fortunately, a man suddenly jumped out of the woods. One of them had a cow with a cow.

Armando was rescued by the man but it was shortly before his release. “Thank you, Tacio. I thought I was over. I prayed and you came. I should have obeyed my mother. ”

Armando is right. Parents know what their children deserve, and they must obey them. Another thing Armando has learned is that when in danger, call God immediately and help will come.


Always listen to parental advice and advice because they know what's best for children.

Always call upon God in times of danger.

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your such a good story teller sir i always enjoy reading your article

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