Human eyes

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One person can be inspired to live life with clarity,maturity, wisdom, and compassion, it would well compensate our efforts.

This work contains nothing new. After all, buddhism flourish for 2 millenia without thisbook.

In those 25 centuries, countless work were authored to comment on, elaborate upon, explain, and expand the Buddha's message like A runner who has received the baton, we have received this messages and now strive to do our bit to carry and pass it on to the next receiver.

The budd2 said that our human eyes and ears, no matter how good are limited in abilities. We know this today to be true

The human eye cannot see infrared ultraviolet, and other components of the electromagnetic spectum, and our ears cannot detect sound beyond the human hearing range.

Knowing that we have limitations, the reader is request to keep an open mind while reading this work.

May we empty our cups so that they may be filed. Though thousands of years, millions of beings have obtained and utilized the dharma though 84,000 ways take in what is useful and beneficial so to speak and leave the rest aside

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Nice article and give me an idea how being useful of human eye, what is define......

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3 years ago

w0w that was amazing i never thought about this.

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3 years ago