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The kind, hard-working, thoughtful and loving child helps herself at home, not only for herself but for parents and siblings.

For myself, I put in my wardrobe all my belongings at school, at home and beyond. As such, I will not find and waste time especially if I am in a hurry.

I won't be angry anymore. Books, notebooks, pencils, pencils, paper pads, school bags, umbrellas, shoes, and everything else are always in place. There is no clutter.

With Aunt and Aunt I also help out especially if they are busy with other tasks. When they got home from school I would just meet upstairs, pick up their belongings and put them in their container. When my brother cuts the firewood, I raise the small pieces. In turn, when sweating, I take out the rag and I wipe the tables and chairs.

Dad and Mom are gone; they work for us. Well, there is. Mom said that Dad would be of great help to them if I, my siblings, were obedient, hardworking, courteous and clean. They are so happy that they do not feel tired, and are grateful to the Lord.

So we are careful with the clothes so as not to get too dirty. I ran to help as soon as I could just as the table was ready, shrinking it afterwards, washing and grinding.

The quantity, what? That habit is nothing difficult. And it was so nice to hear and hear, “Thanks! My son is kind and helpful! ”


A helpful person can ease into activities. The habit of helping without asking for a replacement.

Many are happy with the helpful person but with the lazy person many are disappointed.

Always put your belongings in the right container so you can easily reach them when needed.

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A helpful person can ease into activities. The habit of helping without asking for a replacement. i think theres nothing wrong with it right?

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