First day high

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2003. First year of my teaching. I just passed away that same year, and was reviewing for the upcoming board exams. I started early in my Tuesday class at 7:30 where there were students standing in front of the Adenauer 401 (my classroom). I looked at a woman who caught my attention because of her weary eyes. There were things that went through my mind at times like - “Will I be a student here? Is he here to enter the class I belong to? ”

The bell rang, alert for students who had joined outside the classroom. I waited for the student I mentioned to come in but just got up and left. I waited for the second bell, hoping to come back and enter such a woman. But, however, by the time the 3rd bell was coming up, no good woman with eyes could enter my clase. I was sad.


An entire semester passed. I have forgotten how I felt about “Miss Tantalizing Eyes” (un the codename I gave her from the first and last day I saw her at university). I didn't expect to see him again.

Beginning of the 2nd semester SY 2003-2004. Tuesday again. 7:30 to 9:30 am the time and Adenauer 401 is my time. Unlike the first semester, I didn't get in early. The 1st and 2nd bells were done so I hurried to the classroom. After I entered the classroom, I told my students to write their names on a 1 / 8th sheet of paper and pass them on.

Since the first day of school, classroom rules and getting-to-know each other have been our first. One by one, I called the names on the paper that had been sent to me, until I called them by name -

“Ramirez, Maria S. - Where is Ms. Ramirez? ”

A red-haired woman in the blouse raised her hand. Her eyes would smile and a sweet smile was poured out as I called her name. This woman's face quickly registered in my brain. “He is! That's it! ” Un of my neurons repeatedly screamed as he stared at her. She was the woman I called “Ms. Tantalizing Eyes ”. She was the same woman I once saw last semester as if she had just disappeared because once again, I never saw her again.

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then whats the next happen sir i think this article is not yet finish

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