Final discussion

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It was very cold and full of frost with trees covered in new silver dress as a winter morning should be.Inside our cosy home, made of old oak and some more tree barks, it was rough for some one to explain the structure of  the house. Sitting by the french window -on an arm chair my grandpa wearing white clothes with a newspaper in his hands yawned.

I went near him and threw my hand over his shoulder. He grinned, I then with a sigh said “I did not make any arrangement”.

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Grandpa answered as I expected, he said “What arrangement?”,I smiled  and said “my friends are coming today” he flashed with the answer”that is a great matter”

I said “yah,but I did not make any arrangement “.

He slowly got up and asked me “What arrangements you want to make?”

“I want to…..”then we heard the ringing sound of our door bell .I thought to myself  “oh god it should not be my friends please,please ,please”

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Grandpa went there and opened the door. I heard their voice they were heading towards the same room.I quickly hid myself inside the cupboard. There was only little space inside.Grandpa with my friends came inside.He sat on his arm chair again. Jennifer-one of my friends asked”Grandpa  where is Erieka?she called us for a party”.

“Yes I know she said me. “Replied Grandpa.

He put down his paper to look at my friends.Then he continued “I can not arrange for a party as you all are wishing but I can tell you awesome real life stories.”

just then Anushka flashed “is it your life story grandpa?”

he said with excitement “yes”.

Meanwhile I was not able to breathe, I opened the door of the cupboard and fell down!I screamed and shouted . Grandpa said”Not in need to act so much Erieka, come, be seated beside me.”I got up.Dusted my knees and body with an innocent face.

I did as I was said.I sat beside my grandpa.My grandpa started his story. He said”It was an important day in our office. Just a day before my retirement. But that did not make it important. It was all about a meeting. The client was one of the worst persons of the world. We were to coceive him to sign in a document. It was decided that I should explain him our company plans.The discussion was held for a long time. At last our client said “No,Iam really sorry I will not sign in this document”. All of them in the meeting suggested to listen to the plan and then decide. He called it to be the “final hearing”.

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As I stared standing there he said “how nonsense asking one grandpa to explain?”. I fainted down!.When I woke up I could see the red face of my manager. I asked what happened they said that as soon as I fainted the client headed back. I called to him and spoke , the result turned to be negative.  After so much of arguement he accepted.

The final discussion was held . I had to give my speech. I started and said that I am going to say a story. I said “once in a small village there lived a father and mother with his son. His son was always foolish. He once called his son and gave a black stone and one cutted diamond and said to him to give one less valued one to his mother. He gave the black stone to his mother. He came back and said this to his father. His father said that both were equal .

In amusement his son asked how could that be possible. His father explained him that the black stone was actually a diamond in its raw form. The other was a polished diamond. Do not judge a book by its cover he said. The same way Mr.Anderson our client please do not judge me or our company.” I went out of the meeting to my house. The next day I gave my retirement letter to the head quaters. They said that after I went actually the client signed the document. I retired and sat at home to lead a grandpa’s life.They appreciated me so much.”

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Then we heard the ringing sound of our door bell. It was Kavin’s mother, he and his friends left our house with a happy face. It was all thanks to the “final discussion” that saved my day .


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