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After many centuries of ferment and tradition buddhism has acquired the form of a religion with beliefs ritual and cememonies. Be this as it may with the trappings of the buddhist fait tradition lies the diamond of the buddha dharma

People often associate buddhism with all sorts of things : incense bald monks and nuns, temples figures of the buddha sitting with a benign smile on his face chatting vergetarianism... These are among when asked to free associate on the world buddhism.

All these show that some people have all sorts of misconceptions about buddhism as pessimistic for speaking about suffering others think buddhism is a religion whose god is buddha. In the book we would like to go touch the core of buddhism. This will help us understand buddhism in a beneficial and rewarding manner

What then does buddhism means? Buddhism comes from buddha, whose root word budh simply means awake. The buddhism was someone who was awake. In the anguttara nikaya, a major buddhist textual collection, dona the brahmana encountered the buddha seated below a tree attracted or touched somehow by the Buddha's air on vibrations of peasce kindness and wisdom he initiated a conversation

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