Childless Couple

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In ancient times, a couple had not been blessed by God for at least one child for fifteen years. They are Teban and Osang. They did everything they could, but nothing happened. Because of this failure, the couple devoted their time to caring for many animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, pigs and more. In addition to being involved in animal care, they are also benefiting from it.

Among their pet owners, the white cat is Osang's favorite. Osang takes care of it with food and drink. He even puts it to sleep. Osang looks like a child to a white cat.

But despite their preoccupation with raising animals, they are still losing hope of having children. They continue to keep in mind the various saints in various places.

In a distant town where they went, Osang had promised that if he were to be blessed with a child he would never look to the ground.

Their request was fulfilled. Osang soon gave birth to a woman and they named her Rosario. Rosario grew up with the generous hands of Teban and Osang. As he had promised, Osang would not let the son go to the ground so Rosario could not leave the house.

Until the time that Rosario was born, her feet had not yet been ground. The couple agreed to tell Rosario about their promise. Rosario, however, understood the circumstances of the parents and respected them.

Although Rosario did not go out of the house, many young people still spoke of the beauty of the girl. They visit and seduce the girl. Rosario has one solution, he is Antonio.

One day Antonio visits Rosario. He called outside. Incidentally, at that time Rosario's parents were gone. Rosario looks out the window.

"Can I go on, dear Rosario?" asked Antonio.

“No, my parents aren't here. Tatang and Nanang are admonishing me not to keep anyone indoors, ”Rosario replied.

"Well, it wouldn't be so bad if we got here in the garden," Antonio suggested.

At Antonio's insistence, he also allows Rosario to talk to her in the garden. Rosario thought it would not be so bad if they talked to Antonio's garden. His parents would be more angry if he stayed with the young man indoors.

But as Rosario stepped on the ground suddenly, the whole atmosphere shook. The water flowed without knowing where it came from. Water consumed the household. Antonio and Rosario hug and ask for help. No help came.

In the evening the Teban and Osang couple arrived. They were so surprised that their house was not found. It looks like a bubble. There is only one river and at the bottom of this river are two crocodiles.

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is it necessary to a couple to have their own chinld? what if a man or woman cant make it? i always think of this in the future what if i cant give a child to my partner what would be happen?

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3 years ago